🌬 [A/H] LF Mythic Raiders Blue Team <Second Wind> |3/9 M | Lock, Boomkin and Enh Sham| Wed&Tue 20:30 – 23:00 ST | Silvermoon |


< Second Wind > is built around being more than just a guild to house a raid team, we focus on the social aspect of the game as well. Over the years our community has grown to contain people interested in almost all aspects of the game so no matter what level you play at and what content you’re interested in you will likely find someone to enjoy that content with. Outside of raiding we have members interested in pushing M+ keys, achi/mount/pet farming, social/alt raids, levelling, and generally just playing the game. So even if you’re not looking for a mythic raid experience don’t be afraid to get in touch and see if we have people that share your interests.

Although our raid teams will progress at different rates there is no main team. Each has members with CE experience, aims to achieve CE, and has similar expectations in terms of preparation and performance. Unlike many other guilds, we have multiple teams for the increased community, we do not cannibalise one team to serve the needs of another nor do we dump people on a “lesser” team if their class is not the flavour of the month.

We don’t raid long hours so world rank is not something we strive for, our target is simply to get CE with enough time left to have some fun between tiers. We have no interest in competing with guilds that raid longer hours.

Recruitment & Raid Times

We are currently recruiting a Warlock , Boomkin and an Enhancement Shaman. Other exceptional ranged DPS can apply and may be considered.

Times: Wed & Tue. 20:30-23:00 server time.

Invites are up to 15 minutes before raid start and raiders are expected to be ready to start on time if you accept the invite!

Progression history:
7/8M Vault of the Incarnates

If you feel like Second Wind could be the place for you then feel free to drop in to our discord /invite/twcPgdU) and open a recruitment ticket to speak to the team.

If you would rather contact one of our recruiters directly, their details are:

Reév- Blue Team Contact - Battlenet: Reev#2662 Discord: Tom/Reév#7162