[A/H] M+ for Help & Anxiety - The Key Ring

Hi all, and thanks for taking the time to read.

The Key Ring is a cross faction Mythic + community built on the idea that everywhere in the game, players will judge you for a whole host of reasons - class, spec, gear, rating, achievements, rio, experience, even gender… all that dumb stuff.

Not in the Key Ring.

There are no barriers to entry here. Players of all skill levels (or no skill at all) are welcome with no discrimination on what you play or how you play it (within the rule set that a dungeon requires - Tank, 3 Damage dealers and a healer). Play whatever talents you’d like, whatever covenant you prefer with no judgments. We have many different kinds of players here already, from beginner to veteran players, and many types of player personality from confidant to anxious. Again, no judgments, but many of us know that feeling of being to scared to even try Keys due to the stress of interacting and fear of not being good enough.

Where possible, we try to accommodate players for any runs we do, but of course have to apply a bit of common sense to things like your gear and skill vs the key difficulty we may be doing. We have a Discord server fully up and running and are more than happy to talk people through dungeons and explain anything you may not know, as well as just chat when not running anything. On that note, we are an adult bunch and as such, there is mature language and topics in this community.

Here are our Guidelines:

  • Take advantage of the community. Ask for help.
  • Help others when you can.
  • Play what you want, how you want.
  • Advice is fine, but don’t tell others how or what to play.
  • Don’t use the community for your own progress. Help with lower keys too.
  • We are not here to gear/progress you just so you can do better with other guilds/groups.
  • Don’t ask to push/time keys (this will happen naturally).
  • Don’t ask for rio/rating.
  • Be realistic about what key you can handle (see next guideline).
  • If you’re unsure what may be realistic for you to handle, ASK! (you might be surprised).
  • Discord is not mandatory, but REALLY helps, even if you can just listen.
  • Discord isn’t just for groups that are running stuff. Anyone is welcome there anytime to chat.
  • Players who join but don’t interact or take advantage of what we offer will be removed after a period of time.

Ultimately, we just want to put having fun with good people above treating the game like job.

If you’re at all interested, search for us in the community finder, and remember to tick the cross faction box or you won’t see us!

Thanks for checking us out and see you in game!

I did one dungeon in your community and sadly had a somewhat bad experience from that. It gave me too much anxiety to continue.

But i still support guilds/communities that wants to help people with anxiety. I hope you can help a lot of people to try dungeons. I wish you all the best, Good Luck. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah. Sorry you had a bad experience. Obviously, there is only so much we can do. We can reach out and offer to help, but in extreme cases, some players struggle when it comes to these things. It can be the complexity of dungeons, or just participating in a group that is hard for some. All I can say is that over time, it does get better but that has to come from the player too. We would never force (how could we anyway?) anyone to join in if they feel uncomfortable. At a certain point though, if a player is just never going to take part in anything, then The Key Ring just isn’t the place for them. And that’s ok too.

We’ve helped a lot of players get over the stigma of keys - of the game-wide perception of doing (shock-horror!) “A FIFTEEN!!!” (OMG!), and shown that there are helpful players who put fun before riding that bleeding edge wave having to win at any cost, and this weird thing where players turn the experience in to a binary win/lose play style where if a group wipes, they just leave as the key can’t be timed… like what even is that??

Again, for us the main goal is to just meet cool, fun people who just never get the chance to try some of this stuff. Many come, many go, some get gear and experience and realize they want more and can push in a more organized group. Ok, that’s nice, but that’s not what we care about.

The last thing I’d like to say too is that pure numbers of members are of no interest. I’m more than happy to keep quality members around rather than quantity.

Hi, I applied for the community but was declined, was there a reason why?

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Yeah I also applied on one of my alts and got declined, can you tell my why? Sort of goes against your mission statement