[A/H RP] Aiding the Dragonscale Expedition

The Dragonscale Expedition is in full swing!

The joint expedition of the Explorer’s League and the Reliquary is already making progress setting up camps across the Dragon Isles, learning about the new land and unearthing ancient secrets, relics of both lore and of power and resources of a bygone age. The Primalist threat continues to call for action, and the Dracthyr remain something of an enigma. The need of capable fighters, scholars and crafters does not diminish and the ships from Durotar and Stormwind continue to ferry eager new blood to the home of the dragons…


This is a bit of an announcement, a project for a campaign that has been in the planning for some time.

Calling it a campaign is likely a bit much. Starting soon is a joint community effort to bring the RP scene to the Dragon Isles. The idea is that RP guilds and individuals on both factions come together and travel to the Isles as part of a mission to reinforce the already ongoing Dragonscale Expedition headed by the Reliquary and the Explorer’s League.

Once there, everyone would be free to go their separate ways, to pursue personal or guild-related agendas. However, once a month, at a pre-designated location on the Isles, would be a summit, where everyone involved would be encouraged to socialise between guilds and factions and share their discoveries so far, while guild leaderships exchange information and either seek or offer assistance with various efforts. The hope is to foster an environment for alliances, where guilds can come together and help each other out.

To reiterate, this will be open to both factions. Sticking to the theme of the current game story, the armistice between the Horde and the Alliance will very much be in effect.

Participation is entirely on a drop-in/drop-out basis for both guilds and unguilded RPers. Anybody is welcome to join a summit at any point, even if you missed the start, and attending every single summit will not be mandatory for anyone. I understand that each guild has a different pace with their own storylines, which might prevent them from attenting sometimes.

I have spoken to a number of guild leaders on the realm (sorry if I missed you!) to gauge interest before going ahead with this, both on Horde and Alliance. Most I have spoken to so far have confirmed that they will be doing a time-skip campaign before jumping into this, which is why launching it will most likely happen some time in February.

If anyone is interested, feel free to simply keep an eye on this post for updates, such as dates and locations. You can also throw questions at me, either here or ingame at Torakk (Horde) or Cynndia (Alliance), both on SWC.

Looking forward to seeing you on the Dragon Isles!


Woop! It’s been a long time coming, let’s gooo!


Eagerly awaiting this!


Looking forward to seeing what all the other guilds are up to this expac!

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Woo! This is gonna be amazing! Great idea :smile:

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Great initiative, looking forward to it!

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The Vagrants are very much looking forward to causing some ruckus- I mean, helping the expedition!



Not playing myself these days, but best of luck to the expedition! Bring souvenirs.


This is gonna be a lot of fun. The Hand of the Titans are looking forward to supporting the expedition!

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Thanks for all the interest, both here and on discord!

The weekend of February that is the 18th-19th looks like the most likely date for the campaign to start. On the weekdays leading up to it, there will be two social evenings, one for Alliance and one for Horde; a token “recruitment day” of sorts, for volunteers to sign up and declare what they are willing to pledge to the Dragonscale Expedition once on the Dragon Isles - provisions, skills, manpower, etc.

I’ll do another announcement when the date gets closer. Until then, feel free to still hit me up here or ingame with questions, just make sure to add “-SteamwheedleCartel” after my name if you are sending me mail. =)


I’ve started this year lacking the energy for group RP, :low_battery:
but I love this concept! I remember multi-guild faction neutral events and campaigns fondly from a few years back; they were awesome experiences with compelling and exciting stories :grinning:

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Can’t wait to see everyone there :smiley:


Hello! As planned, we’ll be kicking it off next week.

On the 16th, Thursday, interested Horde characters are invited to participate in a recruitment day at the Dranosh’ar Blockade outside of Orgrimmar. On the 18th, Saturday, a similar event will happen for the Alliance at the Stormwind Harbour.

Both events will start at around 20:00 gametime, and mean to introduce fellow travelers to one another, as well as the purpose of the journey itself should anyone need to hear it IC. Neutral-aligned characters are welcome as well.

The actual journey to the Dragon Isles will take place on Sunday, the 19th.


It’s tonight! At 20:00 gametime, the Horde Recruitment Day social event will take place at Dranosh’ar Blockade, Durotar. Guilds and individuals are welcome to come and see who their potential traveling companions will be, to get familiar with the expedition as a whole, or just to drop in and chat. Guild leaders and officers will also be offered an IC briefing on the situation at the Dragon Isles, in case they yet need to familiarise themselves with it, or simply need a reason to travel there.

Food & Drinks will be provided for those attending, and there will be opportunities to display one’s combat prowess.

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Thanks to everyone who came to the Durotar RP last night! I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. =)

Looking forward to the Alliance event on Saturday, which will take place at the Stormwind Harbour.


We had great fun. Looking forward to the community effort setting out to the Dragon Isles this Sunday!

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With the provisions and manpower alike aboard the ships, once vessels of war and now freely volunteering for the scholarly pursuits of the Dragonscale Expedition, the Alliance and Horde expeditionary forces set sail from Stormwind Harbour and Bladefist Bay respectively. Several days into the voyage, the water turns blue-black and the northern winds grow colder, while icebergs stand tall against the horizon. In these Dragon Isle waters, the two forces are expected to rendezvous and carry out their landing.

Launch time tonight! The OOC location of the event will be the Swamp of Sorrows. The starting time is 20:00 game time, feel free to whisper Vayne-SteamwheedleCarel for invites on Alliance, Ronto-SteamwheedleCartel and Gosa-Moonglade on Horde, or pretty much anyone that you know is already in the raid group. Don’t worry about bringing Elixirs of Tongues, they’ll be provided if they are needed.


Big thanks to everyone who participated in the expedition launch last night! It was great to see so many people, I hope everyone enjoyed themselves!

Starting towards the end of March, we will begin the monthly summits - social events at various outposts across the Dragon Isles where we get to share our discoveries. A lot of new faces were met over the last week and new budding friendships and contacts were made, I hope they get to develop at these gatherings.

See you there!


Hello! I hope exploring the Isles is going well and nobody has been devoured by a proto-drake yet.

The first Expeditionary Summit will be held on the weekend of the 1st-2nd of April; it’ll last two days, since it’s a social gathering, giving the chance for everyone to make it and to switch between characters if desired. It will be held at the Wingrest Embassy, a thematically appropriate location for a first summit, given the stage of exploration most people would likely be at.

Along with simply mingling, small social activities will be held, so if anyone has an idea for hosting a specific activity, feel free to hit me up. =)


The first Dragonscale summit is this weekend! The time and place haven’t changed (20:00 gametime). Anyone is welcome, don’t worry if you missed the launch.