[ A/H - RP ] The Tower of Krasha - the minions of a mad scientist

I wonder if anyone has followed my old Twitter account, @Arakkoa? I used to have a few connections, even including some Blizzard people, and we had quite the group going. Unfortunately, the power/spectacle creep got the better of me and the adventures there got a bit… out of hand, so we did one last hurrah and pretty much quit.

But I thought it was a really cool concept that I don’t really see realized on our servers, and definitely not Alliance side. For those who did not follow @Arakkoa, here’s the concept.

Verroak Krasha is an old arakkoa druid. He’s cynical, sarcastic, irreverent. He got his fame bad mouthing various big personas on Azeroth and Draenor (and quickly backing off when they got angry). Most importantly - he’s rather evil. See, he’s a druid only because of our classifications, but his form of druidism is far… darker. Yes, he uses nature magic and can do a little shapeshifting, but he’s more of a mad scientist who toys with life and death magic (and even learned a little bit of arcane - in multiclassing, he’d have a level or two in mage). But he’s old and not very physically capable, so needs minions and mercenaries to do his bidding.

The Tower of Krasha is going to be his hand on Azeroth. The people who are going to hunt for artifacts and rare ingredients for coin and don’t ask twice what their boss is going to do with it. That is not to say they’re evil. There is definitely place for good characters - and I expect some in-character drama about various means we’re up to.


  • Morally dubious. We’re going to do a little bit of good, little bit of bad. We’re doing tasks for a mad scientist, who is not an enemy of all life.
  • Dice Master. Apparently some people really hate this add-on, but I find it a very useful tool for, at the very least, graphical aid.
  • Powerful characters. Yes, we’re just minions, but I like being able to do something cool and not be always hampered by bad rolls. Whether we’ll do it with large bonuses to rolls through DiceMaster traits or by “feat points” you can spend every once in a while to do something cool will be decided with the members.
  • Characters are most important. I always liked mentioning my character’s personal stories in the background. I want to do something akin to Mass Effect “loyalty missions” where we get to do something for each other every once in a while.
  • Balance of combat and social events. I’d like to conduct at least one combat and one social event in a week. For example, Monday at 8 PM we do a combat/story mission about either a task from Verroak or someone’s loyalty mission. On Thursday at 9 PM or Saturday we do a more social gathering where we get to know each other and have fun together. The exact times will be selected together.
  • No “DM PC”. Okay, I will have a character with you at all times, but I’m not the (in-character) party leader by default. We will elect our officers and IC party leaders democratically. (I will stay the in-game group leader for mechanics purposes). So you may be picked to decide what we do and how we achieve our goals, and you ask the DM to (OOC) respond to your queries.

The guild is already set up as “Tower of Krasha”, hosted on the Sha’tar server. If you have questions, you can ask them here or add my BattleTag Kalontas#2949 and ask me there.

I hope to touch on some aspects I do not see other guilds doing, and give us some space that we are sorely lacking, like a more active, mercenary minded Alliance RP guild.


Good luck with the guild, Ethan! It’s always good to see more variety, especially on Alliance side. :blue_heart:


I must check my character roster. I am sure I have one or more characters that might be suitable for this. Probably not high level characters, though, except perhaps the mage.

Really interesting concept. Reminds me of Safeguarding Azeroth, but probably more varied :slight_smile:


It evolved a little from there, yeah. But less heroic and more, well, mercenary. And less azerite. I think we’re all sick of azerite.


You have unfairly made me want to create a character for this guild, how dare you Ethan!


That is an intriguing concept. May the dark spells you cast tonight not shine at you tomorrow. :innocent:

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I’m going to organize two orientational meetings and gauge the frequency which is better for the social event of the week. You can show up to both.

First: Thursday, 21st of November, 9:00 PM server time.
Second: Saturday, 23rd of November, 8:00 PM server time.

Both will be pretty much the same thing, meeting up with potential members in-character, duplicated to gauge the frequency.


I’ll try to attend both; hope this gets even bigger than Safeguarding Azeroth (on Alliance side)! I certainly think it has the potential.

(On an alt… Gordon here is not morally grey :slight_smile:


Just a reminder to meet today at 9 PM. In case anyone wondered about where, I was going to just invite everyone to Ethan’s garrison and use the barracks there, but if you need a place to ask for the invite, use the LookingForRP chat channel.


(“Wait for others to reply before posting! Unless you use an alt, then sure.”)

So yesterday was an abject failure. One person showed up, and it was one of the people I already got to sign my charter before. And we did get a recruit in the chat, but there was no meeting.

Anyway. Let’s go with the second round and meet on Saturday at 8 PM. This time, let’s meet up at the portal above Stormwind, the one tied to the Everbloom dungeon.


Oh, I didn’t know that portal actually did anything…

(Just shows how much of a content noob I am!)

I have recently been blessed with increased power, and expanded portal knowledge (it comes with being a mage extraordinaire), so I can assist if anyone needs such aid tomorrow.


It doesn’t actually do anything in the outdoor world. We’ll just gather there. for a thematically fitting spot that is relatively easy to get to.

Also, you can apply to the guild via the new guild finder. I’ll make sure to log onto the GM character at least once per day and check.


Just a reminder we’re trying again today at 8 PM. I hope we can get at least a couple of people showing.


I do hope it too, for you and for the sake of RP :grinning:
I don’t have a suitable alt, so I can show up to say hi, but that’s all.


Hopefully the humble beginnings of a new mainstay of our landscape.

cdn.discordapp. com/attachments/597006617204228099/647907008334397460/WoWScrnShot_112319_203929.jpg
cdn.discordapp. com/attachments/597006617204228099/647907074780430336/WoWScrnShot_112319_211201.jpg

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Took a bit of messing about, filling in the gaps in the screenshot links, but Here!

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Thank you! I couldn’t post the pictures myself.

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We are still recruiting. We got a small core team, but it will be more fun if we get more people going!

We just had our first action event on Monday and we took down an incompetent apothecary and took back when he owed to Verroak Krasha. If you wish to join this intrepid team, join us on Saturday at 8 PM when we report back and introduce new additions to our team.


10/10 recommended, please join in! :smiley:
It’s a lot of fun, we have a solid foundation and a neat theme going.
Cheers for more Alliance RP!


We are fun bunch! Most importantly we’re Alliance RP guild! (background cheering)