[A/H RP] Valdrakken Tournament!

:diamonds: VALDRAKKEN TOURNAMENT :diamonds:
Hosted by the Obsidian Warders, the first Valdrakken Tournament will take place on the last day of the month. Come to the arena and test your strength against mighty foes!

On the 30th of June I will host a sparring RP event in Valdrakken. All participants will be put in a tournament bracket and duel until the winner takes home the title of champion.


June 30, 8PM Realm Time


The Petitioner’s Concourse (The arena right under the daycare).


  • All participants start with 3 to 5 HP (depending on the number of participants)
  • If the attacker rolls 100, their attack does 2 DMG
  • If the attacker rolls 1, they fumble their attack and take 1 DMG
  • If the defender rolls 100, they deal 1 DMG to the attacker
  • If the defender rolls 1, they take 2 DMG
  • If the attacker rolls twice the amount of the defender’s roll, their attack does 2 DMG (meet or beat rule applies to the attacker).

See you in Valdrakken!

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First preliminary match: Gurook vs Mazatl
Winner: Mazatl

Second preliminary match: Kiandra vs Twelve
Winner: Twelve

Third preliminary match: Revyth vs Katriada
Winner: Katriada

Fourth preliminary match: Koll vs Vinegar
Winner: Koll

First semi-final match: Mazatl vs Twelve
Winner: Mazatl

Second semi-final match: Katriada vs Koll
Winner: Koll

Final match: Mazatl vs Koll
Winner: Mazatl

Congratulations to the champion of the Valdrakken Tournament, Mazatl! And kudos to all participants, both the combatants and the social crowd. You all made this event so alive. <3

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The tournament was great fun, I really hope we get another one like it in the future!

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