[A/H-RP] Winterveil Feasts

I am aiming to hold two Winterveil Feasts both as a good opportunity for a variety of characters to meet up and catch up on the year and as a celebration of the RP community and the events we have run over the past year. There will be one for the Alliance and one for the Horde separately rather than a single event for both. Everyone is invited, even if you haven’t RP’d before and just want to see what it’s about and get to know some of the characters. :slight_smile:

If you have a skilled cook, feel free to bring some food to share or feast items. I’m going to try and rush improve my cooking over the coming weekend :laughing:

Meeting Point: Kharanos
Main Location: Ironforge Military Ward, around the fire pit.
Hosts: Cherwina, Ifine, Varlow or Kathia (I may switch over as the day goes on)
Date: Saturday 19th December.
Time: 7pm server time for meet and greet - Around 8pm for the actual feast part.

Meeting Point: Bloodhoof Village
Main Location: Thunderbluff, Upper part of the main bluff, around the campfire.
Hosts: Brimfire, Saiellie or Animia (Not sure which will host yet)
Date: Sunday 20th December.
Time: 7pm server time for meet and greet - Around 8pm for the actual feast part.


This is going to be one morose Winter’s Veil for the Hand, so it’s great that we will have such a nice opportunity to share our grief and depression!


Lovely initiative! I will take a Horde alt on Sunday, and some suitable Alliance character for the first part of Saturday (I have another appointment at 8 pm).

I have a pretty tight schedule until then, but I’ll see about feasts :slightly_smiling_face:
I think Gordon, here, is my best cook, I know he can make one of the WoD feasts, but I don’t remember if the ingredients are hard to come by…

I have no skilled Horde cook, unfortunately, but I vaguely remember some NPC that sells “cake feasts” - I’ll try to find that NPC again and buy some of those if I can.

Edit: The NPC I was thinking about, is Aimee, a high elf in Northrend Dalaran, near one of the banks.

I also have that Alterac Brew-pup or whatever it’s called, that gives a free alcoholic drink (mulled brandy or something) to anyone of the same faction.


Delightful initiative! Unfortunately, I am unable to partake due to a real life appointment. Have a wondrous Winter’s Veil! :snowflake:


If RL allows, I will be happy to join! :christmas_tree:


Tonight, the first Winterveil Feast for Alliance. Horde tomorrow!


Thank you to those that came to the Alliance feast. A lovely evening of food, smiles and stories was had. I look forward to the same on the other side of the fence tomorrow when we run the Horde feast.


That was lovely Cherwina and Varlow! Thank you for keeping up the great level of this year’s RP events. So close to the holidays, it is hard not to get a bit sentimental. We have a great community, happy to be part of it.


Late once again, people had left when I managed to arrive. Bruuk Barleybeard in his corner was friendly enough, after buying a few pints, to let me know you had indeed had a festive evening. Alas yet no sign of my sister. The hunt continues.


We seem to have missed the organizer herself, but we gathered with a few handfuls of people in Bloodhoof Village and then Thunder Bluff, to celebrate the holiday :).

Edit: Turns out she was in Chromie Time! We found her in the end!


Thank you to the Hand for saving that one. I didn’t even know until about 8:30 that I was stuck in a different timeline to everyone else. It was an absolutely lovely evening in the end and I’m very glad I got to meet the Horde side more with one of my own Horde characters.


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