[A&H] The Unity Tavern. For players who want a chill and friendly experience

As an old friend told me “The game is only as fun as the people you play with”
Do you miss the days when you could join a dungeon without someone asking for your M+ score? When parties didn’t kick you out just because you made a few tiny mistakes? Need help with a group quest but can’t get a group together? Or just want to do achievements for fun?

If you’ve thought ‘‘Yes’’ to any of the above then consider: The Unity Tavern. This is a discord community for both Horde and Alliance that focuses on helping people out and making friends.

We are here to have fun and to learn without many of the pressures that real life or the game might bring. Just take it easy. We do all sorts of fun activities, like regular dungeons for absolute beginners and more advanced players alike, spontaneous group content, and we’re open for everything else too, like pvp, transmog runs or world content!

We also have a fixed progression raid every Sunday for from 7 pm - 10 pm server time (normal, 9/9 right now and 9/9 HC)

The Unity Tavern is a +18 Community with no NSFW and no discrimination is tolerated. We are a place for adults to chill and find like-minded friends.

All that is required of you is to be nice, forgiving and willing to learn. Come join the Unity Tavern, weary traveler!

If you are an artist joining the community solely to sell your art and commissions you will be removed. This is an active EU World of Warcraft community, if you are not a player then there are other places where you can sell your work.

If you have any questions before joining, please feel free to add any of us officers on discord

P,s: last post got locked because i moved server with my main character, ignore the old post.


I have been with this gals and guys for the last months. Although my schedule is triky I have been doing M+ and raids with them and having a great time. They care for eschother and have a great community!


Everyone’s welcome - that’s maybe the most important point! We want to give everyone a chance, a place to stay, a place to have fun, a place to improve if you want, or a place to help if you feel like you know what you’re doing!

If you can handle lots of bad puns, love bombing and silly shenanigans in the weekly heroic dungeon quests - then this might be the place for you. :slight_smile:

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Been in this community for a few weeks now solid bunch of people would recommend.

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Joined this group a few weeks ago after seeing this post.

Honestly great group of people, lots going on in game and very active on discord.

Highly recommended!

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So proud of our little part of the internet. The raid team is kicking butt each and every week, with attendees ranging from brand new beginners to veteran mythic raiders - everyone is super helpful and supportive, and there’s no sourness when wipes happen.

We currently have members running keys ranging from +2 - +20, and it’s the same supportive energy flowing in those groups. The Discord chat is generally buzzin’ and topics of conversation are sometimes crazy, but always fun :partying_face:

Our newest wild idea is to create an alt raid team made up entirely of GNOMES. Yes, g-n-o-m-e-s, those wee adorable beings, spreading joy and messing up your life in battlegrounds. We already have a few levelled and raid ready, but we always have space for more.

If any of this sounds like your jam, don’t hesitate to join in the fun - everyone is welcome!


We are now 9/9/ HC and a lot of our members have AoTC we have groups doing +16 keys but would like to go further and higher for Season 3. The community is usually very active with chat and you’re welcome to join in the conversation. Overall we try to make a welcoming and comfortable community.

still a slid community with an active discord

still a fun community and toxic free

Hey, i applied in game and also i think your Discord link is broken cause doesn’t work when i click on it. Any other way to join?


Hi, thank you for your interest, please have a look here. If you have any questions please DM on Discord @daxelot

The link is now working again.

What people said so far is true, good fun, good laughs and good keys. Highly recommended. 10/10

One year have now passed and we are still growing every day, come and join the fun, keys, raid, leveling, you name it. Everyone here is super kind and more then helpful so if you are new to any of this and want to give it a try come and join us.

New year, same us. As 2024 have just started we already looking forward to the war within. But before we get there we will still aim for AOTC in season 3 and of course some fun key with both old and new friends.

I’m with this folks now for a couple of weeks and man they rlly are a active bunch and very welcoming to all. lots going on on there discord and ingame very active, while not in the same guild as most of them it’s not a issue at all.
weekly stuff going on and most days the voice chat is active as well.

i would and will recommend them all for starting players and for those that are looking for a chill place to meet ppl that do ingame stuff.

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Hey there, i am already part of a guild i really like, but what i want to learn is to push keys. In our raid Team, which is in development so to speak, i main Protection Paladin, and i want to focus learning all the mobs abilities, and being able to learn routes aswell.

For that, and aiming at low keys, at the moment, e.g. M+ 0 to M+ +3, would be cool to find a nice group, with one or two ppl able to teach me stuff.

With growing competence, i could See myself doing 20+ eventually.

If that sounds like something i can achieve with you guys (and girls), let me know.

My main resides in Eonar EU, within the Alliance, myself i am from Germany.

Cheers, Elips (posting from alt on other Server, obviously)