[A/H/N RP] The Dead Ringers - Tolls for the Lost

Roots o’ the Ringers

Story written from two perspectives.

Our tale, like most beginnings, starts with screaming and wailing. Years ago, when the void almost consumed us all, I found myself victim to the whispers. Even followed and acted upon their evil for a time. Afterall, I am but flesh and bone, like you. Not that it excuses what was done, nothing ever will, but know there is hope even in the darkest of woes.

From what little I can remember of when the whispers finally lost hold, I awoke to pitch black, no air to breathe, frail and haggard. I felt something in my hand, coarse and strong. Rope. Left tied to my palm from some unknown benefactor. I had been buried alive, though such was not the end. I slammed against my tomb, feeling the rope tightening as I struggled to break free of my confinement.

And with the tightening I could hear ringing, faint… But I was sure it was real, or as real as could be considering my circumstances, the rope I was holding wavering from the weight of hope. Soon enough, the ringing became louder, the weight pushing on my wooden cell waning as light began to beam through the cracks, and then I broke out with what little strength I had left, everything soon falling to black once more.

There I saw him, a man after a dance with Jack Ketch. Scrawny wee thing, piss out of food and drink for days, face of a ghost and dirt to give him colour. Couldn’t much leave him to rot so I brought him back onboard. Fed him, clothed him and locked him up tight. It had perhaps been a week before he began to speak, spun a tale from the tattered pieces he remembered. Mumbling about voices, whispers and oddities like something from a child’s imagination - I’d have thought him a looney had I not seen them myself.

Visits to my cell became far and more frequent, a highlight for the bleak time of recovery. Talks led to understanding. Actions led to respect and the two intertwined into a brotherhood. Soon enough we realised – or knew deep down we weren’t the only ones with our plates full of plight, so we set out to right wrongs - even the ones which weren’t beholden to of our own doing. Eventually, after years together we formed The Dead Ringers. Weaving the fates of others like us into the threads of our new beginning.

Who We Are

Our Purpose
For years, perhaps centuries or even millennia the downtrodden are often swept up in the tides of the world’s ills, yet they are the ones who are often left to pick up the pieces, toiling to repair the broken tapestry of our world – our lives. We are not gods, we cannot change fate… But we can certainly twist it in our favour, act while the hourglass still turns.

We, The Dead Ringers stand for the broken, a group tasked with sewing the seeds of doubt into a tapestry more beautiful than the dread it’s made from. We acknowledge the bad, the good and everything in-between, though as we are not fortune tellers we can usually only mend things once they’ve happened, and try to prevent the worst from happening when it’s reasonable for us to do so.

Us star-crossed few hold ever stalwart onto our ideals and purpose, to stand firm in the face of injustice with whatever means necessary to leave a better world for the generations to come. We do not fight for glory, for fame nor riches. We’re bound together to protect those who need it most, often without reward or recognition. So, regardless of your origins, whether it’s an ocean of guilt swallowing you whole, a righteous fervour to do what’s right or a victim to the world’s woes, as long as you’ve a desire to leave the world a better place than you left it you are welcome among us.

However, the things we witness and occasionally have to do are often not for the faint of heart… Our travels to right wrongs and build bridges for the struggling are often submerged within turmoil, so those lacking heart will always be “welcome” but will never truly be, for what we go through requires complete and utter commitment to the our cause.

The Bloody Truths
Lost as we all are, our goal isn’t necessarily to guide those lost back onto the path but to keep eachother company as we stray from it. Though, even people like us need a little direction. As such, we follow what we call “The Bloody Truths”, a simple set of truths formed to help keep conflict from tearing the bonds we share apart.

  • Don’t taint the crop with foul seed.
    First and foremost, our reputation reigns above all. No one is to be caught openly causing animosity within areas of civilization, lest they wish to be thrown to the lions. So naturally, a modicum of common sense is expected.

  • Hold tightly the wavering grasp.
    While our reasons for being vary from person to person, we are all kindred spirits here, kicked to the ocean and left to drown. We’re here to hold onto one another, not to push those struggling back down.

  • Speak quietly amongst rats.
    Amongst outsiders, no word of the group’s inner workings are allowed to be spoken of. For our bond between one another is what holds things in place, so when that trust is broken, our foundations crumble.

  • Our truth is our bond.
    If we make a promise, we keep it.

  • Don’t fear the black.
    While death is not to be feared, that does not mean it should be pursued.

Picks o’ the Litter
The Craven
Edward Black, a man who seems to roll nothing but snake eyes, yet continues to play despite his poor hand. Harbouring some of the heaviest of woes, he persists against all that is thrown at him. No magic, no divine blessing, no guardian angel… Nothing but grit, a will to survive and the drive to do right, a very potent concoction of motivations.

The Spook
Arthur Crowe, a two tone sparrow. A man much akin to a coin toss, each day rolling for heads but often landing on tails - Magical gifts that are likely to cleave a man to his brisket as they’re to turn on him. He turns the gamble to profit through unbreakable will and sheer spite for his condition. A focus on the horizon to ring the coffin bell again.

These few have gone the length to truly push themselves beyond and above themselves… They might not be particularly well versed in the art of combat, mentally attuned or even very fast on their feet – But their will and ability to do right is something that cannot be questioned, nor is their integrity.

Often where the majority find themselves, you’re now devoted to the cause. You’re the blood pumping in our veins, the finger on the trigger and the guiding hand uplifting the lost.

You’re new. Perhaps you’ve arrived with nothing but a lute over your shoulders, a weapon strapped to your side, a bag barely contained by books of arts, writings of eldritch horrors or even simple arcane runes and enchants… Whoever you are, you’ve begun your arduous, but hopefully fulfilling journey.

The uninitiated, often curious of mind.

Parting Words

We kindly thank you for reading through and sticking to the end, below are some formalities we tried answering ahead of time and clarifying our intent as much as we could.


What we're looking for

So, who do we accept?
As of the writing of this post, we’re accepting majority of the races. Dracthyr, being the newest addition to the rooster have yet to properly establish themselves in both the lore and RP, so we’re somewhat hesitant on accepting them. Similarly with the Hero Classes - However this doesn’t mean we’re not allowing them period. If we see an exception, a diamond in the rough, we’ll be more than happy to work something out.

Quality over Quantity
This one speaks for itself. We’re not looking to go wide, but tall. Rather than filling up the rooster with people, we aim to sprinkle it with a generous pinch of dedicated and passionate individuals. We aim to provide quality through narrative and immersion to reinforce the idea we’re a tightly knit group of outcasts.

The Vibe

Prime inspiration for the guild was Robin Hood, Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. Fighting for no king or country but their own survival, aspirations and consensual want to do better for, either themselves or the world.
We do not intend to be villains or criminals, neither are we a knightly order or a militia. At the very core design we’re a diverse band of like-minded oddities, travelling from to and fro in search of opportunity and trouble.

We’re aiming for a more realistic and grim approach to the guild with just enough fantasy as not to disassociate us from the world we’re in. It’s not all doom and gloom, however. There will be more than ample opportunity for relaxation, chances for heroism and light-hearted escapades.

Travel will take time, supplies will be recorded and monitored however depending on character traits and abilities, they’ll be able to contribute in various ways to the crew. For example; A Tidesage could shorten the time of a voyage, a Hunter or a Ranger could forage for food and replenish some supplies, Alchemists could brew potions to be utilised outside or during events.

Main Story n’ Side Quests
During a story arc there will be peaceful intervals, encouraging people to disperse and handle personal projects - be it looking further into the current story told, unravelling clues and gaining benefits for what is yet to come or bonding together to venture for a side quest. Picking up an odd job here or there, replenishing the crew’s coffers and their own supplies.


Event times will be put to a vote, letting the majority decide what time and date suits them the best. Same method will be applied to Campaigns, letting the guild decide whether they’d wish to attend or not - Why? Because that’s the will of the Senate.

As stated before, we’re looking for dedicated player base, although that is not to say we’re expecting you online 24/7. We each have our own priorities, jobs and families. IRL will always take priority however a prolonged absence without notice will result in removal from the guild.

While we’re aiming to the take guild across Azeroth and back, we have no right to limit you from RP. So whilst we’ll be venturing far from central hubs for events, campaigns and personal stories, we can assure you we’ll be making frequent stops at the aforementioned hubs as restocking, resupplying and refitting would realistically take time, so we can work these moments of respite to both our benefit and RP.

Who to Contact

Disclaimer, we’re more mature than our names suggest.
The Craven

  • Discord: ansalsax
  • In-game: Sebass/Shnoz

The Spook

  • Discord: Refrigerection#1570
  • In-game: Arcrowe

A flavorful concept from a couple of pretty cool guys, looking forward to seeing how this develops.


A shame i dont have a fitting character to join up with, it sounds like a really cool concept! Let’s hope this kicks off well!


Absolutely loved the concept so much that I had to join!

More than friendly people with a great vision, I’m excited for this new adventure! I heartily recommend anyone thinking of joining to just take a leap and do it!


This guy is a good partner in crime to have on your side. Wishing the best for the guild!


Really enjoyed reading through this! Great concept!


So far this guild has been incredible, I’ve never had such fun IC and OOC!

I still heartily recommend you take the leap and join! I’m so glad I did and the stories that are progressing are fantastic!

(Despite the fact WoW hasn’t updated my guild tag I can guarantee I’m in The Ringers!)



I can’t thank you guys enough for making this guild into a proper home and community, I’ve had so much fun even though I’m not as active this last week or two, we can tell our own stories and STILL take part in the big one of the Ringer’s.

Again, I cannot recommend this guild enough and it’s officers and people are just the absolute most friendly and best I’ve encountered on the server in my 10+ years of playing.

Bumping this so others can see!

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As of today, we’re expanding our rooster to bring in Hordies too! Get in here bais, I need to vibe with you lot!

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Got to introduce two people into the guild, by scamming them in the streets.

Not to mention, tea time with ranged will now be returning.

Story Update

What started off as a simple job for equally simple coin quickly spiralled into a chase that led the Ringers through quite a few ordeals.
The job, as stated, was to investigate the recent disturbances in local farmlands, attacks at night, folk going missing, supplies ransacked - The crew followed the trailed and stumbled across a small gathering of Gnolls enjoying themselves to the vast spoils from recent farms - As to why they were in the area to begin with? That was the question.

The crew once more took to the field, backtracking through the gnoll’s escapades to the location of their origin only to find it crawling with pirates. Through careful maneuvering and planning, the Ringers managed to disable the ship by blowing a hole in their lazaretto, rendering the ship inoperable albeit for but a short time.
Seizing this opportunity, crew called for the reinforcements in shape of The Derelict. The ship itself threatened the pirates, observing from afar while the Ringers boarded the vessel, dispatched the enemy onboard, captured some of the stragglers and liberated some of their cargo for themselves.

Their luck wasn’t about to run out. Midst the liberated cargo the crew found notes detailing a meeting between Briggs, the captain of previously encountered crew and few other crews. With a course in mind and a lust to mess with pirates, the crew set out to infiltrate the meeting under the guise of pirates.
Having infiltrated the meeting rather aptly, the crew discovered more information regarding “The Estate”, a rather well kept secret each of the pirates held. Extracting the location has taken time, time the crew utilised to fund their future excursions.

While Arthur took charge interrogating Briggs’ men for their information, Edward with a small detachment of the Ringers struck a deal with few somewhat unsavoury folks. Their job this time? A Heist.
They were to infiltrate the Lupini Estate in Drustvar during their auction for his paintings, some of which could reap them quite a considerable pay. Having taken the best, the crew of thieves snuck into the manor without a hitch, thinking the hardest part was behind them - o how wrong they were.
You see, as it turned out, only a few of them were dexterous enough to remove the paintings without damaging or outright breaking them. What was intended to be a heist swiftly turned into accidental vandalism with but a few rewards to show for it.

Having returned with little to show, Edward hoped Arthur had better news.
Turned out, while some of them vandalised an auction, Arthur found the location of the Estate - a remote place in Tiragarde Sound.
With the anchor onboard and the cable’s all stored, The Derelict and her crew set sailed for Boralus unaware they’ve been followed by two of the pirate crews.

With a size that the Derelict is, they were swiftly caught in open waters, forcing a scuffle on unfavourable conditions. Despite the odds being stacked against them, the crew rallied and mobilised.
Edward took charge aboard the Derelict, breaking off from one of the ships to rage a battle with the second while Arthur led a boarding party onto the second ship. Quick thinking and lucky, both parties succeeded with minimal casualties, allowing them to swiftly prepare their attack on The Estate.

By the time Ringers arrived to the Estate, the camp was abandoned. Their belongings, arms and supplies left behind with no soul in sight. The crew swopped in a few times, securing the area and conducting a thorough search of the estate.
With little luck, they took what they found for themselves and established their foothold in the Estate, swiftly making themselves comfortable in the ruins of once a great bastion and renaming it “Fort Joy”.

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A great-looking guild led by an amazing GM.

If the concept catches your eye, I can thoroughly recommend you give it a shot. Based on my past experiences RPing with the GM, I can tell you that you’ll have a fantastic time.

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