[A]Honor Capped Recruiting PVP/PVE (WPVP)

Honor Capped is Recruiting for WoW Classic!

Over the last nine years, Honor Capped has been conquering the hearts of the World PvP Community. Since our World PvP events rank among the most memorable ever organized on Outland-EU, we have created and maintained an honorable reputation. Yet our interpretation of the game has also turned us into one of the most hated guilds on the server (especially among the horde).

We are looking for dedicated and loyal members to join our ranks in WoW Classic. It is our hope WoW Classic brings companionship and community back to the game. Although our primary focus will be on (W)PvP, we also aim to clear the necessary PvE content to be competitive.

What can we offer you?

  • City Raids
  • PvE raiding
  • Battleground premades
  • Planned (20v20)(40v40)
  • Open combat
  • Fun events
  • Ganking

What do we need from you?

  • Discord with a Mic
  • Socialable
  • Love WPvP
  • Active on your main and attend events
  • Take part in raiding

Please check out YouTube for kickass videos!

Are you the WPvP Champion we are looking for?
Please contact Destinite (Destinite#2627) or Cowardrogue (Evil4N#2272) through Battlenet!

Hello everyone we have started our molten core and Onyxia raids!

Our community has sucessfully transitioned to Vanilla!

Join us now level 40+

Good evening! As a little update were are raiding MC and Onyixa! Our guild is 10 year old we have a solid core that is lead by a amazing team! We have prepared for this game and this is our main choice! We left retail specifically for this!

We hope to see you in the world!


This guild has changed my life. Before I joined, I was boy, but now I am a man! I want thank Sphexator and Destinite for the fun I have had. This guild rocks, they have fun, and take care of those who care. JOIN


Recruiting a few extra people for PvP and our PVE MC clears! We want people who are good at there class and will be interested in pvp aswell! We do still need 1 tank DPS and healers welcome also!

Are you still chasing Abog ? A few of us are stuck on a dying realm " Stonespine " but will be transferring here as soon as it`s possible to poke faylum until he has another breakdown.

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What Ginger said ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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Faylum isnt on firemaw. He disbanded his guild months ago because he got blacklisted on the server.

Blacklisted in real life too i bet, strange to the core.

This guild has nothing on us the amount of times hes disbanded it is crazy we all knew it wouldnt last on classic.

Recruiting dedicated PvP’ers! The BGs are coming out so make sure your in our premade groups!

Also recruiting Pve players that will pvp tanks and healers wanted!

yes this is needed to not have the thread locked :))

Recruiting healers and dps btw.


I guess if you dont enjoy the game then the best option is to quit.
Amazing how much you care about someone who doesn’t give a crap about you and your guild?
Triggered much?

Happy new year

We still have a few spots to fill we want everyone to be vocal aswell as BIS geared. Were low on healers!

10 years of fun!

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