[A/H]<The Brotherhood of Might> LF Casual Players and/or a coop with another guild

The Brotherhood of Might is a casual raiding guild. Being social is important The guild has been around since Vanilla. This in good and bad days.
Respect and friendliness are very important for us. We want to progress in this game but keep it light and relaxed in the progress. Failure is not bad, but a learning curve.

In DragonFLight we want to bring together same minded horde and alliance. connected through a community.
Again ,While doing this FUN en Respect is very important.
We have a guilds here

  • Magtheridon: Horde & Alliance.
  • Ravencrest: Alliance
  • Tarren Mill: Horde
  • Draenor: Horde

For the rest of the progress you can check us out on raider.io or wowprogress

To join for raiding we do ask your commitment to the team and the guild.
This includes getting ready, contribute for feasts,flasks, be active, help others and most important are in for the long game !!
Bring your joy, respect and friendliness :wink:

Raid Times:
To be announced

Are you a experienced or a new player, you are all welcome.
You want to join an fun an relaxed group ?
Please contact me or in game (M or add me to Bnet: Tostie#2772
You can always apply through the ingame guild finder.
Socials are more than welcome too.
Do you want to join us through a community ?
Join our guild on one of the other servers

See you here!

Even though it is quiet in the guild. It would be great to get some new people and get ready for Dragonflight. And have some fun :wink:

All are welcome, Experienced, new player.

Lets start something in Dragon Flight, we are looking for all people

Friendly and mature people. I recommend! :slight_smile:

Still looking for nice and fun people for Dragon Flight

Want a fresh start ? Looking for people for Dragonflight :wink:

Join us here or with our community.

We are looking for a guild for a coop for raiding etc. please contact me in interested.

Also looking for good people still

Any guild that wants to coop with us in raiding etc?
Also we are looking for good new members

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