AI and WoW why has it not happened?

Recently I got interested in Chess, I’m an absolute noob so I know very little about it when it comes to tactics and names of all the different openings. I also found out about this incredibly strong bot called Stockfish, I have not looked up its exact data but it seems to win a majority of its games and it have over the top rating in Chess.

Magnus Carlsen is currently: 2830
Stockfish is currently: 3546

Personally I would like to see this in Classic, Wotlk, Legion but any expansion would work for me. This would be a server for only AI. What do you guys think?


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I think that you dont even know what you are talking about. Whats the point of this? Secondly, there is BIG difference between an AI playing chess and AI playing a complex game like WoW when you want more than just running around and very basic combat.

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