Aiding the accord: Dragonbane keep

Idk if it’s the right place to ask this question…

I’ve come back after a lengthy hiatus from wow and I’m doing the quest and getting caught up. But I don’t understand when I can lay siege to dragonbane keep?

If any additional information is needed, please just ask.

Anyway thanks in advance

Dragonbane Keep is an event that happens every two hours, at the top of the hour.

Gather at the meeting spot, in Waking Shores, north of Apex Observatory flight master.

You will see a little silver hunting-horn symbol at the meeting-spot on the map when it’s near time for it to start. A message will be shown in chat in Valdrakken 5 minutes before the start.

You can also find its time on Wowhead’s front page

under “Today in WoW”. Make sure you have clicked on EU. Below you will see it,

Right now it says:

Dragonbane Keep
Siege Started

which means it started 35 minutes ago, and is long over now. It takes maybe 10 minutes. Next one will be in 1h 25m.

You can solo it, on a decently geared 70, but it’s pretty grindy. It is certainly a lot easier with a mob. Check Group Finder if you are on your own.

Also you can abandon the quest as it’s outdated. There’s a current patch version of aiding the accord that’ll give current items and currencies!

There may be a later quest, but this one still gives the same reward. :slight_smile:

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oh, so don’t abandon because this quest is fun at least

Thanks for the information

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