[A]Invictus Veritas Recruting for 9.1

About us:

Invictus Veritas is an english speaking raiding guild, formed at the end of 2019 on Emerald Dream/Teranas but moved to Ravencrest and growing slow but steady.

We are a banter heavy, slightly muppety, social raiding guild with mixed heroic & mythic experience in the guild but at the same time we have an enjoyable raid atmosphere for our raiders while being serious & focused towards progress in the content we are raiding. We compose of people from all walks of life & all kinds of different countries…England, ireland, sweden, norway, serbia and so forth.

We are preparing for 9.1 raids, mythic + keys and are in need of some new players. We run weekly m+ & HC.

What are we looking for in a player:

  • Keep a respectable attendance.
  • Positive attitude, have fun!
  • Self analytical, able to take criticism & wanting to get better.
  • Be 18+ in age.

We are currently 10/10 HC and looking to expand our roster to HC & mythic raiding in 9.1.
Experience of 6/10+ in Mythic Nathria and 7/10 Mythic Nyalotha from the officers.

Especially ranged DPS & maybe a healer.

Our raid days are:
Wednesdays 19:45 - 23:00 Server time
Sundays 19:45- 23:00 Server time

Contact through Battlenet:
Mehailovich#2560 - Officer

Contact through Discord:
Moo#1072 - Guild master
Bensindunk / Mehailz#4059 - Officer
AgentMuller#9547 - Officer

Or contact any officer in-game.

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