Algeth'ar Academy Annual House ball (Argent Dawn Cross RP)

Posters would be found all around Azeroth, an animated drawing of the Algeth’ar Academy would be seen shimmering all about the enchanted parchment.

                **Algeth'ar Academy Annual House ball**

"Holth Aldon Shi! The students of Algeth’ar Academy are proud to invite you all to the first annual Algeth’ar Academy House ball! hosted this year by the house of Red. Enjoy a night of dancing, fine dining, talent showcases of the houses and fun games with prizes!

Our student houses each plan to showcase a talent to represent their flight! A voting shall be held for your favorite house! Dress to impress and have a wonderful time!"

The houses idea is an RP concept similar to a sub-faction of the flights in the Academy. Much how a sorority is, it is totally not cannon and simply there for RP purposes.

Dress Code: Formal
Event Time: 8PM Server Time
Event Date: 14th of January

For students, teachers and staff:

                     **Algeth'ar Academy Student Noticeboard** 

A drawing of a lovely red haired Quel’dorei female with a small ponytail and an insane amount of gold/ruby jewels adorned all around her hair, ears and neck. She is pointing at YOU. Her lips start to move as you read the flyer.

"Greetings my fellow students of the Academy, it is I, your favorite peer, Lish Llrath champion, fantastic food thrower, Tiristrasza! For our end of term project, I am launching the first Annual Algeth’ar Academy House Ball! Which will be held in 2 weeks time.

For this event, each house will have to showcase an event for our guests during the ball, the guests shall vote for the best display! The house that wins the vote will be awarded the Dragon on an Isle trophy And extra merit points to your house.

Professor Doragosa encourages everyone to participate! We will be in need of atleast three members of each of the flight’s houses to showcase your talents! Feel free to apply and represent your house! There is no limit for how many can present a house during the ball.*

Your favorite, over-acheiver, ruby goddess, self-proclaimed princess of Lish Llrath, Tiristrasza!"

If you have any questions, or wish to particapate in the talent showcases of your house, please DM on Discord or WoW. (Could really use the help to coordinate the event!)

Discord: Visandra#6870
WoW: Viseyrean - Argent Dawn

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