All Characters WIPED from account?

So iv been trying to get my mate back into wow, he hasn’t played for maybe 5-7 years, i think he said he last played in MoP.

Anyway he came over to my house and we managed to recover his account and change his password.

We finally sign in to find… Nothing!

He hasn’t got a single character on his account not one.

Now i know after 2 expansions have passed names are freed up but iv never heard of characters being deleted? He used to main a Warlock and had a shaman Alt.

He’s sure he never deleted them and i checked the self character restore and there was nothing to restore.

So anyone got any ideas??

Did he have many accounts? Maybe you restored accidentally wrong one?

Contact support and have them look into it, if there was a hacking they may be able to reinstate what was lost, support link is up top or right click and go here:
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yes, as Yorda says, contact surport.

i was able to restore my original toon from early 2007 about 9 months ago, which i had deleted at the start of WotLK.

so, they were able to restore a 10 year old toon, they should be able to restore a 5-7 year old toon.


I mean i’m only taking his word for it but he claims he managed to log into the same account on the internet and view his character in the armoury however it didn’t display any armour or visual because he’s not been logged in for so long.

His character was called ‘Jakthewarlock’ - Orc on Chromaggus.

I suppose what your sayings not impossible…

Is he actually changing realm to Chromaggus and clicking on it rather than looking for numbers next to it? Numbers don’t show if you haven’t logged in for a long time.
If he’s done that and the characters still aren’t there, then he’ll need to make a ticket or contact support via live chat.


We was actually selecting the realm and nothing was inside it, i was helping him so there was definitely nothing there. Will a simple i game ticket resolve this or will we need to contact blizzard outside of the game?

A support ticket or live chat will start the ball rolling, make sure the person has a passport scan handy as they may ask for it to verify ID.

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I suggest he goes here - It’s all changed again, but that seems to be the entry point. It will need to be your friend who does this.
I think there could well be a problem as that character name doesn’t seem to exist on the armoury. It could be that his account’s been compromised while he’s been away … but, anyway, the start will be for him to go to that link.


There are two things that could have happened, his account is hacked or he has logged into the wrong account.

Are you sure he hasn’t accidentally selected Classic instead of Retail? It’s pretty easy to do.

To add to this, he could check whether he is trying the US or EU servers.

Honestly reading this it sounds like they have likely logged into the wrong account when they were at your house.
If your friend gets in touch with Support using the link Ananda gave above, the team there should be able to help them locate the account and get them back into the old characters hopefully.
Any info they can remember about the old account will make that easier, old emails, character names and realms, cdkeys if your friend still has them etc, the more they can include in the ticket the better :slight_smile:


Yep I would say the same, my account got hacked years ago and I was able to resolve it over the phone, once the account was restored I think I lost around 40 gold and some odd pieces of armour, nothing major.

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