All Professions on 1 Character

When are we gonna have All professions accessible and farmable on 1 character?

This will feel more like an Modern MMO, i’ve been playing wow without break for 16 years straight and this has never been brought up as a possible feature.

I understand with the current specific bonuses that each profession provide this will be insane but I’m sure there is a way around it such as choosing perks of 2 professions only, Examples of this is Runescape & Final Fantasy 14 and many more games, id love to do all the Professions on 1 character, this honestly gives me more Depth to the game rather than logging alts that i do not want to log 6-7 alts just to do other professions.

All Classes on 1 character is impossible for this game but Professions are possible and i believe it would would be exciting for the player base to actually try all the other professions while they are logged on the same character.

I am glad to see Account Wide Progression coming in The War Within and i hope this topic might as well make it on the discussion table.

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