All servers down?

It definately was there around 10PM (that’s where I’ve opened my PC again bc sleeping schedule is not a thing for me apparentely). But yes, I 100% agree that the ingame notification should be AT LEAST an hour before.


You still don’t get the point that I’m making? Are you a troll? (like in the internet sense, not the WoW race sense)

The entire point is that it shouldn’t be JUST the launcher where you know this will happen longer than 15 mins beforehand. What about people who play from early morning to well in the night for a weekend? (which would probably be a lot of people since there is nothing to do because of corona)

And even so, a lot of people don’t even read every announcement every time they boot up the launcher.

You’re saying they announced it in the launcher well before maintenance (although in my opinion this wasn’t the case at all), then what is the reason why they can’t announce this in game an hour beforehand instead of 15 mins?

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Go faster?

Oh ok, I just always launch the game from the launcher even tho I press “WoW.exe” shortcut. But yeah, in the past it was always on the left of the login screen, idk why people never read sh*t that’s put on their face lol

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We’re back in busyness guys!!

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Thank you for letting us know :slight_smile:

Agreed, I was doing a dungeon and during it a guild friend asked me to craft armor after. We barely got the dungeon completed then it shut down. Had to tell my guild friend during that run I’d make the armor whenever the servers come back up.

It’s no fun having a short notice shutdown.

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“Tough luck i suppose”. Yes they could and perhaps should give an hour long notification within the game. However throwing a tantrum over it just because a key got depleted is another story.

Ye that in all honesty is your own problem. Same with having chat windows that disable server/system notifications.

Read above.


really ?


Im not the one throwing a tantrum because i wasted time in Torghast because i got booted out of it by the shutdown.

And getting yeeted out of a key happened to me twice in BFA. It was “tough luck”.

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People are starting to log back in.

The fact you think it’s okay to have a key depleted because of a server shutdown is comical , how about not allowing players to start a key while the server is shutting down very soon ? or giving a longer notice ?

Great reply, so basically you admit your entire point is “tough luck” while at the same time stating there is an easy solution available, which I already proposed.

Thanks for agreeing with me. And just so you know, the only loss I got from this maintenance was a random BG that ended after 6 minutes.

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h ttps://

Major nerfs incoming, folks. Grab your security blanket, this gonna be tough for some.

Have i said its okay? No. I have said throwing a tantrum over it is another story. Major difference.

Read the reply to arraan. My point stands.

Yes. Right now its “tough luck”. Doesnt change the fact that this is an easily fixable thing from blizzards side. One PoV doesnt negate the other.

There’s already a thread about it on the forums. Nothing major tbh, 5% overall buffs and nerfs.

There is even a post about it on this very forum :wink:

Uholy getting 15% damage nerf on pet damage. That’s pretty major. Expected but major nonetheless.

That’s 15% nerf to mastery, not 15% nerf of pet damage. Not sure how much dps loss, but I’d say it’s in the 5% range most probably. Might affect stat weights though.

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