All servers full, this is the real WoW!


Be prepared for the weekend, that will be funny


I understand what they are doing but now they see the love and passion we had for old WoW, not the easy going game they have now.


All servers have long queues right now… It’s not even weekend. Please open more servers.




Where did you read that?


EU version


15 years past… and now when they re-realesed THE MMORPG realised that the need to re-tag servers, to redesign queues and all because of what we wanted for so long.


I wonder what Mr “You think you do but you don’t” is doing right now.


Yes, in a way I understand the frustration with the queues, but on the bright side it means the interest in Classic is way higher than originally anticipated and this makes me a happy Tauren.


Don’t think they expected this. :rofl:


Ha ha 2 servers at the start, not liking the queues but I am impressed at the numbers.

Stonespine getting a large influx of players today!

Give more servers! :slight_smile:


How exactly do you know the timeframe of the fix lol


Thats it bro, the numbers, we are numbers for them, but it says all about our love to real WoW



/10 char


not quite, i’m fairly sure people did expect busy servers, but not having to wait hours to log in

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Warcraft devs posted it on twitter


It’s epic. Classic probably has like twice the subs of retail already, even with full servers and queues everywhere.

This is a real MMORPG. I think that even retail babies will fall in love with it.


FBI OPEN UP (more servers)


Now if only the P actually meant playing!

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