Alliance and Horde? Server with 50/50% Population?


I have not realy followed the whole Classic Scene of World of Warcraft.
Just abit of the Classic - Classic Relaunch.

I´ve noticed that there is no 50/50% Alliance and Horde servers?
They are all divided to certain realms both the Horde and Alliance faction.
My question is why?

I followed the Relaunch from where i was at the time of WoW-Classic relaunched and i watched footage of it every week when it was played out.

Coming back to play it now in Cataclysm(I Know its along time ago…) I can see that none of those Guilds are playing or some players that i used to follow.

There is not even a functioning Armory?
I´m curious why…

You all seem very coordinated & just would want to know if there is a server where you can enjoy World PVP or do you have to roll on a Realm thats either 99% Horde or Alliance?

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