[ALLIANCE] <ATB> are Recruiting! [PVE]

The Guild [And the Boys] Is Recruiting players!

About the Leadership:

[ATB] Was created when we moved to Bloodfang from Razorgore(10/09/2019) We are a group of friend’s that has played and managed guild’s on other server’s before coming home to Classic we have no lives and play World of Warcraft all day outside of work and we hope you’ll join us in conquering classic!

About the Guild Atmosphere

  • Fun and Relaxed, But serious during Raiding.
  • A Guild that wants everyone to succeed, We help you, you’ll help us!
  • Want to get those purples! But never have drama cause of it.


Events/Raids will start at 18:30 Servertime!

Distrubution of loot

We will be using /roll and highest wins in the future this might change but for now since classic is so young we are sticking with a looting system that is fair and square for everyone who joins.

Wanna join?

  • Discord : Orcsucks#2866
  • BattleNet : Flightlite#2725
  • In-game : Orcsucks

Im always up for a chat if you have any question’s! Text or Voice.

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Recruits are open for BWL!