[Alliance] Cyrus Now Recruiting!

CYRUS - cyrus-gaming.com
ALLIANCE , EU / English Speaking
9/9 AQ40

Update : Now looking for one 2 Mages + 1 DPS Warrior

About Us
Cyrus was founded over ten years ago back in early 2009, and has enjoyed success in MMO’s such as Warhammer Online, Aion, Rift and World of Warcraft. Originally a PvP guild, over the years we learned to appreciate the joys and drama of raiding - and some of us have even learned to stop standing in the lava. It’s not often you get a second go at things in life, so while we might not still fit into the same pair of skinny jeans we did 15 years ago, we are certainly going to take this opportunity by the horns and throw ourselves into some classic old-school guild life!

Raid Schedule (UK Times)
Sunday – 7.20pm to 11pm
Wednesday - 7.20pm to 11pm
Thursday – Dependant on progress

Member Expectations
Cyrus is a focused, progression-based guild for mature, skilled and team-orientated players. We have a long-established leadership committed to getting the most out of our members and ensuring everyone is working towards their own and the common goals of the guild.

Our raid schedule reflects that of a more grown up / responsible lifestyle, but we still expect members to be highly active, to participate in other guild activities and to ensure they are fully stocked and ready for when it’s go time. You’ll need a thick skin, a good sense of humour, the discipline to know when to speak up, when to shut up and the dedication to constantly improve.

If this sounds like what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to apply on our website:


Some of our moments in WoW Classic and videos:


We are currently looking for the following classes to join our core raid squad:

Druid x 1
Hunter x 1
Paladin x 1
Priest x 1
Rogue x 1
Warrior (DPS / possible off tank) x 1

Any other classes are welcome to apply as casual / PvP / social. Many thanks!


We have an excellent raid squad levelling up right now, and we are still looking to add a few to our core team to ensure that we have enough members to cover holidays, illnesses and rage quits! So if you are looking for a solid guild with a proven history that you know is going to make it, look no further - they don’t exist. But we are pretty close! :smiley:

We would love to find another Priest, 2 Rogues, Warlock and Warrior to join us. I also wouldn’t mind another Druid on our casual raid team, as Druids seem to be rare!

Get in before it’s too late - we are already having to turn away some really great applications because they are for classes we are already full on…


Some impromptu wpvp last night. The filthy horde stopped us questing in Stromgarde Keep, so we stopped questing. And called in reinforcements :slight_smile:

Chased them from the keep, put a blockade up on Hammerfall and finished off with a gankfest in Tarren Mill. Fun times!


We have opened up recruitment on a few more classes now - our numbers are very healthy, so we are mostly just looking for one additional member for each class for our core raid team. New members should be around or approaching level 50 by the weekend so as not to be too far behind the curve.

We are a very welcoming guild with a great community - if you are looking for an old school guild that actually cares about getting to know the people they play with and organise things properly, then you should check us out. We have many members at 60, and many more starting to farm their pre-BIS gear so we can start scheduling our guild raids within the next two weeks.

If you would like to join, check out our website which has details of the classes we are looking for, and post an application. Yes, we are not a spam invite guild, and we don’t just invite people to have ‘bodies’ in the guild - we want the right people! You can have faith in the fact that we are doing things right :wink:


If you are still searching for a great guild and community look no further :sunglasses:


We are gonna start raiding soon, if you are still looking for an organized guild; Cyrus is the place for you!


Pro tip: make sure to put an effort in the application, people actually take time and read them word for word :smiley: (The authentic Vanilla experience starts with your application :smiley: )


Update - September 24th:

So far we are having a blast, and have been totally surprised at how friendly the Horde on our server have been with their welcoming parties to literally every instance entrance in the game. Lovely people, we can’t wait to return the favour!

We currently have 20 level 60s in the guild, and a further 24 members between levels 50-59 who are catching up fast.

Because the majority of our members are now level 50+, and those catching up are expected to do so pretty quickly, we are only recruiting new members who have reached level 50+ for our Core Raid team, and level 40+ for our Casual Raid team. We are not doing this to be elitist, but simply because there would be very few opportunities for a new member at lower levels to group with us for a significant amount of time, and we don’t like any members to feel left out.

Read more here:


For whatever my two cents opinion matter I can vouch for these guys.
I played with some of thier core members a previous game and can say they are very cool, fun to play with and very nice people. Furthermore, they also know what they doing yet at same time mature and know it is just gaming.
Wish them the best and encourage all to give them a go :slight_smile:


6/10 in MC after our first guild run … grab your spot !


As most of our members have finished or are in the final stages of the levelling process, we now have the following level restrictions in place for new applications:

Core Raid - Level 60
Casual Raid - Level 52+
Social / PvP - Level 45+

We are currently recruiting for our Core Raid the following classes:


For schedule and further details please check our website. Many thanks!


Really looking for two Priests to join our raiding team - including for MC and Onyxia this Sunday! Please check us out and put in an app :slight_smile:


We still good room for some exceptional players! Especially Priests, if you are still looking for a home join us now!


Still looking for the following classes for the core raid group:

Check us out if you’re still looking for a 'Strong and Stable’™ guild!


Warrior positions are now filled!

Priests, Paladins and Rogues are still open.


We are now looking for more casual mage and rogue raiders, but still desperately need paladins and priests!


Managed to down Onyxia tonight with 2 raid groups of 25 people each. It was a good night and managed to get more loot from it for the guildies and so gearing everyone faster.

Still looking for some extra classes for the core raid spots and of course, any class for PvP.

Check us out!


We are currently looking for all Classes apart from Hunters and Warlocks.

The gates are open again so come and check us out!


PvP talks and strategising are going on at full throttle for when Phase 2 drops.
We are also looking for all classes (apart from Hunters) for raiding!