[Alliance] Cyrus Now Recruiting!

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Here Comes Dawarrior - Warrior
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Xannadu - Olivia Newton John
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Hey ! I want one!

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Druids, paladins, priests and rogues where you at?! We need you!

Power infusion priests especially :wink:

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By Royal Decree, we are still looking for Druids, Priests and Rogues, and could do with an extra Paladin, Warlock, and Warrior.

Looking for a good and solid guild with a long history? Cyrus might be for you!

I joined before Classic was released, and I am very happy to call Cyrus my home for Classic. If you are looking to make some new Vanilla memory´s I think you should check out the Cyrus website and make an application!

See you there :slight_smile:

Trouble getting it up? Need more kids to claim benefits? Or just fancy walking on the wild side?

Come join Cyrus - the guild that promises to triple your chances of a sprog! We’re also the guild that needs more raiders because everyones wife is currently giving birth!

Recruiting Druids, Priests and Rogues for raids, and most classes (esp Druid flag carriers) for fixed battleground teams. Join a well organised guild with the determination and community to last through all Classic phases!

Wow! Cyrus had its first internal duel tournament last night and what a success it was! More than half of the core raiding team was watching and participating last night, as well as a friendly group of horde players joining the spectators on the bench (or in this case, a big tree trunk). Congratulations on the well deserved win, [spoiler]!

You can expect a highlights video in the coming weeks, or you can view the raw VoD at my Twitch page (character name = account name)

Ya’ll don’t wanna miss out on these guild events, check out Cyrus’ website for further information on joining the guild


Starting with WSG premades soon if you want to be in our group!
Also that dueling tournament is something you need to try out. Next month we will be doing another one

2020 is looking like a good time to check out Cyrus!
We’re getting back into the swing of things in MC/Ony and organised PvP after a short christmas break. Our BWL preparation is going well, and the 2nd Cyrus Duel Tournament is coming up very soon™!

Check out the website to see what we’re all about, and to read/apply to the recruitment forum.

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Happy New year everyone! Exciting year ahead of us, BWL is knocking on our doors and you should join us to have nice and easy clears.
Check our website what classes we need.

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Welcome to all new members!

Are you still interested in joining Cyrus? Now is the perfect time with BWL on the horizon and yet ANOTHER duel tournament coming up next week! Make sure to check all information listed above to find out how to join our lovely community

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Dont miss out on a guild with great leadership, a long history and alot of good and fun members. Blackwing Lair is around the corner and the second in-house dueling tournament is happening soon!

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Time to join in on the fun we just finished our second duelling tournament in the guild. If you have what it takes to kill the two-time winner, the one and only, Nillé - Hunter. then come to our homepage Cyrus-gaming and sign up for some sweet PVP/PVE content! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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