[ALLIANCE] Do you want to join the <Booty Bay Fishing Club>?

Hello there!

We are at our core a small group of family and friends who have recently returned to WoW Classic to enjoy it’s content together. Most of us played WoW back when Classic was Retail and we’re Raiders and PvP-ers of various degrees of skill :wink:

We’re looking forward to tackle endgame in the future but in real life we all have fulltime jobs and/or partners and/or kids so we’re taking our sweet sweet time getting there. Right now we’re just enjoying leveling together and we’d love for other likeminded individuals to join us.

We’re small and we aim to stay that way (max. 50 members) so that we can honestly call each other friends instead of just random people who share the same guild tag.

Warning: must be able to withstand and endure a lottttt of dad jokes if you seek to join. And preferable be able to crack some yourself!

Check us out in-game, or hit me up on Discord: Lessa#4378

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