[Alliance] Holy Priest looking for mature raiding guild -- FLAMELASH server


Hello guys, Voutiri here.

I am a Dwarf holy priest from the Flamelash server about to hit 60 in a couple of days. Currently working on my pre raid BiS gear as i grind through my levels (10/17 BiS items currently).

MC and Onyxia attunement completed.
WoW veteran with 10+ years of exp.

Currently looking for a mature PVE raid guild.

For more information; feel free to add me in game. Voutiri is the name.

Hope to talk to you soon.



Aftermath is interested! We are still looking for a Holy Priest. Could you contact Silentbob#2592 on discord or Silentbob ingame?

Hope to see ya!


Hello Caires.
Great! Will do.
Ill contact him today.