Alliance/Horde census 13/11/2019

Hi there,

I ran a simultaneous census on both Alliance and Horde tonight at 18:47 server time. I used two accounts to get the census started at the same time.

Alliance :

Horde :

753 Level 60 Alliance characters spotted.
1455 Alliance characters spotted.

1367 Level 60 Horde characters spotted.
2585 Horde characters spotted.

edit : Alliance and Horde auction houses.

Alliance :

Horde :


So hold on… it is almost 40% A / 60% Horde…

WoW… wait I thought the retards said it was 7 A/H 93… or was it 20 A/ H80?

Unbelievable… why don’t you post your findings for the other threads before to see please.

EVERYONE with half a brain knew it was like the numbers you found… I even predicted them to the T.

Last I checked the game can’t even remotely handle a few raids going head to head let alone a whole server going head to head… so what are the turds crying about imbalance I have no clue…

Out those 1400+ players Alliance has on a given mid day/ mid week… people are crying they can’t access 2 dungeons because 40 hordes are camping them…

RIGHT… :rofl:

64/36% H/A seems realistic.

Hopefully this silences the doom&gloom “7% crowd”.

Actually, I hope it doesn’t. That claim was so absurd it still makes me laugh.

I know that when I look for herbs I usually find 4 horde players and 1 alliance player. I don’t need numbers to tell me that this server is over populated with horde. I am a horde player and I would like to have 50-50, but sadly, this server is dying. GG

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Amen Basac.

Go away then… by the amount of time you spent crying like a titt over your incompetence on these forums you could have levelled 3 chars already.

I just like to hear you nerd raging :joy:

That’s the first time I think I’ve seen you not use capitals, well done little boy.


I try from the other hand. I was the unfortunate guy who didn’t make it till 60 before p2. Situation from ally side looks like this:

  • doing quests is impossible due to parties or raids of hordes ganking everything they see including villages, npc etc
  • doing instances is impossible due to what mentioned above

Ratio balance is described somewhere above maybe 20:80 maybe 30:70 maybe even 50:50, but the reality is what I see. I hardly ever have chance to “fight” 1v1 since there is always a lot of enemies. I understand a lot of hordies oposing that it is not that bad because if I were on your side I would probably also enjoy it. My point is that due to behaviours like this hordies are killing this server without even realising it. Killing everyone on the sight will lead to ppl quit game or quit server eventually. This will cause the ratio drop drastically that there will be mainly horde on the server. In that case BGs for hordies would be impossible to find, world PvP will be rarity due to lack of enemies.

If the situation will continue and paid character transfers are there, me and my friends will surely change the server as soon as it is possible, leaving this world for the mighty horde.


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I wouldn’t invest any more time in your character at this point Marveel, move to a more balanced server and then just transfer your lock over when the paid transfers open.

I recently moved servers and it’s the best decision ever.

Stonespine = Spineless

I enjoy classic a lot and never experienced any inbalance in the game experience, up till now. I am close to level 60 but these last 3 days were unplayable.
I hope the WPVP will become less, if not I will cancel my subscription as I dont have the time or energy to create a new character on a different server. This is just unplayable for a casual player who’s trying to quest.

I’m hearing from lvl 50-59 guildies on horde side who’s having a horrible time as well. I don’t remember the last time I tried going into WPL without running into alliance ganking squads around the entrance. A week ago no one could quest in there as a rogue and priest killed every low level horde for hours. And I’m always being attacked by alliance on my way into BRS.

It can’t be as one sided as people claim on this forum.

Horde planning to gather a big group to form sulfuras at 19.30 server time if any alliance want a party…

The best Cencus will be the honor standing next week. Whoever is lowest, can tell how many ‘active’ alliance there are above him.

I have NEVER seen a PvP raid more than 40 horde in any given location, and it usually never happens unless they just finished a raid early and don’t last ever more than an hour… 90%+ of the time it ranges between 5-20… if a server with THOUSANDS of Alliance can’t get 40 people together to PvP… then you SPINELESS turds should uninstall and go play SIMS instead… whatever you do, save us from your pathetic whining, when you don’t have 40 out of your thousands with balls to form a raid…

lmao this guy

You don’t even have balls to post your character… typical Alliance pussy tactics I suppose


It starts to feel normal that EPL are lost to alliance. It’s war and it’s horde territory :smiley: No more quests there till we get it back. However I find it nice that something has changed in the alliance mentality and from time to time they tend to fight back. Usually we try to defend our territories like menethil harbour but from time to time we get a little bit aggresive and learning from our bigger brothers to be offensive. As example I can say that in my last observation Dire Maul most often is occupied by alliance instead of hordes.

We have also learned new ways to travel. You dont use roads anymore. Never. Period. You don’t travel to the flight path that you need which it’s common to be attacked. You change it to some other even if you have to run. You don’t go to BRM unless you are in 40 man raid and decide to enter MC in next 10 minutes. Last but not least - 100% mount gives you 40% more chance to run away against 10 hordies chasing you :wink:

There are new ways to deal with horde. It’s pain in the a** but it starts getting manageable.

The only thing that cannot be delt with is the low number of alliance players. It is so low now that the AH economy is going down, guilds have problems with finding ppl to raid and there are barely any groups doing 5 man dungeons. That part could need some blizz attention.

Peace and out!

Well the number of level 60 alliance for sure won’t increase as it’s completely impossible to level from 50 to 60. In every piece of land you have max 2 minutes before being oneshot and corpsecamped by multiple 60s. The alternative is farming BRD but there you lose an hour to even get in. Funny how people comment ‘it’s like Classic and you picked a pvp server’ but forget there’s much more players on one server than before.

GRAPES on alliance seem quite strong players, but aside from this classic pvp as it is feels garbage, especially with 1.7 horde to 1 alliance or something ratio.
Classic pvp is about the group which has more people wins group with less people, nothing more. Engineering has some advantage but mostly in dueling.
Alliance players also run yolo and try to gank you at farm spots, had yesterday around 20-25 HKs in ~2 hours of farming satyrs of mostly warriors, and once hpal+lock.
So its not onesided. Used 3 major mana pots and little one, just don’t like to run from graveyard, but its some gold still.
Still, can’t imagine how could i farm anything if i was playing alliance, probably would be pvping or defending myself from ganks twice more.
Warriors running baboons sniping you when you’re oom are brilliant players, glad i can cannibalize on undead(best disrespect ability ingame).