Alliance & Horde Pyrewood Village Community Discord


Hello there fellow Pyrewood Village players! :star_struck:

First of all i want to thank Blizzard for giving us Classic!
And now we got our own Realm Forums too!

I am one of the admins of a Pyrewood Village Community Discord.
Our Discord has grown so much over the last weeks… something we never anticipated :slight_smile:
We’re around 1800 members now and growing steadily thanks to so many people <3
We’ve been working hard to improve it, and to be ready for launch and the rest of Classic WoW.

A small list of the things we offer atm, or will offer in the future! :four_leaf_clover:

-Guild Recruitment
-Dungeon Groups
-Trade and Professions
-Pre-Made Battlegrounds
-Raid PuG’s
-World Buff Coordination
-Lots of opportunity to find Friends and a Home, for your Classic experience.
-An overall Friendly and Healthy server atmosphere!
-And much more to come!

I want to invite all of you to come have a look, and to be part of the discord and community we created.
Would you have any questions, you can whisper any of the Admins or Mods.
Guildmasters that want their guild added, can whisper any Admin on the server.

Invite link : :point_left:

Hope to see you soon!! Hype! :relaxed:


Join us. We have cookies and punch.


Yes join us it’s a great server full of lovely people :slight_smile:


I’m in. Thanks for posting the info.


Thank you for the info! :slight_smile: It appears Discord groups these days are way more active than the forum!


Great Discord join them !