Alliance : Horde Ratio

Hi guys,

i can only find 1 thread about the realm populations and it is almost 2 months old.
Do you have any idea what the current A:H ratio might be and where you can check it regularly?


I’d say Alliance have to vastly outnumber Horde… either that or the Horde are staying very firmly in their cities.

Alliance seem to be able to camp everywhere in large numbers from what I’ve seen.

Southshore begs to differ.

Can’t tell if you’re serious or joking. :stuck_out_tongue:

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How high are you?

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Seriously, from my experience i’ve seen nothing but alliance everywhere. Maybe its just that alliance are more inclined to go out in groups to initially attacked places where as the horde are reactive. But every encounter I have had is large groups of alliance camping places.

Then you should walk around a bit, searing, burning, blackrock mountain, ep, wp. All farming honor around, you can basically live for 1min tops, not being able todo a single quest. I had to go online 6 am, when the nerds are sleeping.

I’ve currently spent 30 - 45mins trying to get into UBRS against two or three Alliance guilds who are camping the entrance, going to even the lengths of putting frost traps at the entrance so you can’t res and run in. This is after being ganked in Winterfall Village by groups of 6 - 8 Alliance all afternoon. This is also after a night where a group of 6 - 8 Alliance were camping the Scholomance island.

Alliance definitely have a higher PvP presence so far on Shazzrah.

Went to MC tonight. It was our 40 man raid vs 120 Horde…

What time was that at, cause as I said i’ve just spent 30 - 45mins trying to get into UBRS. Some of my group are actually still stuck outside as they cannot get in even when they res right beside the entrance due to hunter traps etc…

I’ve also asked for backup several times and there has been no horde group even remotely interested…

I feel like we’re playing on different servers. It was at 20:30 server time.

He is trolling mate.

I’m not trolling at all, for a predominant part of last night UBRS/LBRS were out of limits for horde players. This was from around 21:10 GMT, eventually I gave up waiting on my team as it was just inaccessible.

I also had a similar experience in Winterfall Village in Winterspring, a rogue kept trying to kill me and failing and next thing I know 6+ alliance show up.

It appears from my experience that if alliance don’t outnumber horde then they are far more inclined to initiate groups/raids for PvP than horde currently are.

Right… :wink:

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Yeah, most likely.

na he’s not trolling. we held up UBRS for hours as a 20 man raid vs. endless amounts of horde. it was great.

You’re trolling right? The ratio is like 70/30 in favor of horde

I think you are missing the argument here, he thinks its more alliance than horde. Not about skill.