Alliance hostage

massive inbalance and a closed transfer. What can we alliance players expect dear Blizzard? We’re stuck at a low pop alliance realm right now. The PvP disaster probalby triggered many more alliance players to leave so what are we gonna do about the remaing alliance that are basicly held hostage on a alliance dead server?


As I know blizz and remeber similiar situations back from vanilla days they will do NOTHING. They will wait untill the massive subscription decrease and then MAYBE open paid character transfer to fix the numbers. But it will be way too late…

We are not held hostage.
Only if we try to get to a dungeon. Like BLM or scholo/strat are we held hostage.
Because we will get killed the second we land, and camped for hours without end.
We can quest in starterzones. run deadmines. You know if we just stay in green zones we can pretty much do that we want.
But we are free to move around in our cities. Which is nice. Having some nice chats in trade “Anyone wanna go strat” “forget it! There are 25 hordes camping lightshope and chillwind, and 15 more camping the instance”
Then we talk about that in trade for a while. Then someone goes “LF ppl to wpvp in plaguelands!” and then we all laugh. After 30mins 15 lvl60’s walk around with resiscknes, because flightmasters were dead, camped nonstop, 25 from the raid logged because graveyard was camped aswell, and they didnt get to hs in time with their res sickness.
But rumor has it, that outnumbering the enemy to an extend where it is impossible to fight back, require alot of skill.

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Horde guys says this server is close to 40:60 so we should be just fine.

i would say it is more like 70/30. Perhaps even 80/20.
It is massive none the less. And what is going on right now is not pvp. Faction difference is simply too big.

My advice would be: Get out before you invest any more time in that toon, I stopped playing my 60 a few days ago and moved to a more balanced server. Best thing I ever did!

I tried different hours, early morning, noon, afternoon and lat night. Every FP is being occupied by at least 15 hordies, and killing everything on sight. Good job ruining the server! I hope you have great fun.

I’m out, subscription canceled.


Or you guys could stop crying on the forums and join your alliance-friends who’s been camping the entrance to DM all day. :slight_smile:

But you can just go somewhere else. Allience can’t

Stop playing the victim, loads of you alliance idiots were camping us 55s in WPL yesterday non stop, same with Burning Steppes.

Why didnt you call for help? There is a permanent 10man group in chillwind. Set up as a wsg premade.
Why didnt you just telle them? They are really good players and all. Killing everyone who lands there instantly. Surely they would have helped you had you just told them there was a fight.

I suspect
that the urge to play wpvp will die down in a week or so, hang in there!

Had made an alliance alt to level but thought I’d just check out my horde again to see if it’s okay… I mean surely people aren’t farming everyone at 11pm right?

Well ganked 5 times in WPL just doing one simple quest… Luckily i was only 2 bars from ding so dinged and then just HS… Looks like I’m going to have to level while rested in dungeons or wait 3 weeks till BGs are out.

I must say i agree. Alliance don’t stand a chance when the Horde decides to rally. Also there is no chance to do anything else than pvp now. If you want to lvl, quest or farm you will be killed within 5 min by a roaming killsquad. It’s not only hard for the alliance, ALLOT of alliance killsquads roaming.
Ye, PvP is fun, but not when it totaly dominates the game. Battleground should be out sooner. Also we need more allys or else there will be insane wait times.

I’m on Horde side in Stonespine and it’s honestly not fun here either, wherever you go you may find a few balanced fights against alliance but in about 5 minutes 20 more horde groups will come and drive them away from the area. Allowing Faction change from Horde to Alliance only on Stonespine would be amazing, I’d buy it the second it’s out and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

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Reported alot of ppl on the horde side tonight for griefing. But deep down i know its of no use, Blizz just dont care as long as the cash is rolling in.

In 2 hours did 25 HKs on alliance people attacking me on a farm spot, mostly when im oom(thanks god i had pots to comeback and win the fights)
and there were mostly solo running warriors
I’d say in around 2 hours of farm 25 HKs on people who are attacking you first looks not that bad for alliance
Ofc its not ganksquads so im alive phew, but ganksquads 3+ people used to roam too, especially in felwood on jadefire run.
It was quite enough for me when i wanted to just farm, but can’t imagine how much more times i would need to fight back if i’d play alliance, probably from 1.5 to twice.

Tried to lvl in Felwood yesterday, there were 4 60 hordes killing those furlbolgs and the occational 50+ horde leveling… Why? Farming, sure. Trying to avoid fighting by staying in stealth worked fine, but couldn’t really kill anything.
lvl 60v60 in servere pop is about 20/80. Total is about 37/63.

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