Alliance isn't outnumbering horde


The amount of horde players crying on the forum about getting ganked is insane.
I can really imagine that it feels like this, as this didn’t occur to you in 8.0.
But to clarify things up to you, horde still outnumbers alliance, even when it doesn’t feel like it. Both factions are making groups to gank, not just alliance. When getting ganked, it will always feel like you are outnumbered. The difference is that now both factions perform groupped ganks, rather than just horde pre-8.1.

Playing alliance still gets you killed by horde groups all the time

(Coolgroove) #2

But, but what about if I want to gank, but I don’t want to be ganked, and if I gank I can always say I don’t, and if somebody wants to gank me it suppose to be fair fight in my advantage?

It’s not like that - BLIZZARD needs to fix this, it’s not fair, and somebody, not me, has no honor!

(Moothilda) #3

I don’t believe you, your moustache tells me, you are just too lazy to be a great pvp’er yourself, and use lowbie hordies and huge farm groups to satisfy your own evil needs :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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(Coolgroove) #4

You got me! But did I tell you about a bonus? I want it too, all of it and more, and items that I can get plenty of, and, did I say it should all be fair as in my advantage only?

Very lazy, maybe evil and definitely can’t PvP, but what can you do - I want it and I’m going to whine and demand it. :scream:

It suppose to be Fair!

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(Moothilda) #5

You got a bonus too?? :anguished:

Damm you, now I have to raid and get good gear just to defend myself from a immortality bonus and extreme alliance numbers :cry:
And I just wanted to look good when I kill the other faction :sob:

You wait, when I get an updated dictionary, I will write the best complaint to Blizz, and you’ll loose all your priviliges - and then you’ll meet the best anti-alliance gankgroup in high heals - prepare :triumph::muscle::facepunch:

(Coolgroove) #6

Yeah, I don’t know yet, but it’s somehow unfair and I want more.

Now you’ve made me :sob: and it’s also unfair, Blizzard needs to fix this!

You know what - and then, then, I will write a counter complain, to make all terrain from gravel, we’ll see how far you can go on those heals :sunglasses:

(Vaëyn) #7

The sky is blue, it’s so unfair.

(Khyrneken) #8

Allaince cried incessantly about a “Horde Bias” in War Mode since the start of BFA. You guys constantly complained that the Horde outnumbered you and were getting a Free 10% bonus.

Then suddenly the Alliance dominates most shards around Assaults and get a 30% bonus. So much for being “outnumbered”, you Alliance just couldn’t be arsed to fight unless you had a better reward.

The system is flawed. Doesn’t matter if Horde outnumbers Alliance across all of a region - Those numbers will never come into effect to bother you. The shards end up becoming (hopefully accidentally) gerrymandered. The 30% bonus should be shard/zone/area based.

There was no love or sympathy for the Alliance when the Horde had the “advantage” because the Alliance were causing their own problem by scaring people away from War Mode. Now the 30% bonus proved that the Alliance were crying over nothing as there are suddenly more than enough players on their side to actually cause Horde minorities.

Kind of fair for the Horde to complain that the Alliance got a 30% bonus for crying over nothing.

(Vurtne) #9

trust has been spoken.

(Coolgroove) #10

There is more of me, but it not my problem. Hear me, I speak the truth! Without love or sympathy, cold hard truth, because I say so!

Mate… you’re way too serious for this thread.

(Sylvare) #11

Arent shards are designed to be 50:50 or 0:100? so is there really any arguement to being outnumbered? Unless the sharding messed up and put you in a 0:100 of the opposite faction or is completely broken and allows for 25:75 scenario’s

(Coolgroove) #12

Yeah! Kick out other players from the shard when I invite with LFG! Who cares if they are playing with friends and were there first. System is designed for 50:50 or 0:100, so kick them out because I need more players in my group/raid/quest/whatever!

(Khyrneken) #13

It’s the internet, dude. No such thing as “too serious”. I just don’t like when a problem is created as a solution for a previous problem that never really existed.

(Coolgroove) #14

And I always thought that “Not serious” is more of a internet thing. Now ppl serious on the internets I guess, OK. Haha


(Khyrneken) #15

It’s not that the internet is too silly or too serious. It’s unpredictable. It’ll disagree for the sake of disagreeing and agree with you just to spite your thoughts that they wouldn’t!

What on earth where the Pandarens a solution to!? D:

(Coolgroove) #16

They are the problem that “I don’t exist”…

(Khyrneken) #17

Non of us exist. You are the only one who has thoughts cos only you can hear them. Maybe its a simulation?

(Coolgroove) #18

Woah, I’ve just remembered. There was this man and a woman, with shades and some pills, told me something similar and that I can upload new stuff in my brain. Looked like a scam. But now you’ve said that, I should probably go look for them. Before Blizzard nerf it.


It’s kinda funny how bad people can lose their minds over a 30% increase of rewards that are barely worth the effort


Indeed, and to think, this was caused by people who lost their minds over an 10% buff that REALLY wasn’t worth the effort.