[Alliance] Kewldown looking for more

Are you ready for World of Warcraft Classic? You are 25 year or older? You have a family and maybe even children? You have a full-time job or at least something that consumes 40h / week to earn that sweet euro? But you definitely want to spent some time in WoW?
If the answer is mostly “HELL YEAH!” on the above questions, read on, this might be the guild for you.

Guild Info:
We are a casual raiding guild founded on 17/04/2019. We are a guild for people who have other priorities in life than WoW but still want to have fun and sometimes raid, PvP, etc.

KEWLDOWN is a guild where you as a person are respected. We will be serious though, if we go raid and reserve 3 hours of our/your time, we will not be wasting that time! There will be strict raiding rules.

What can we offer you:

  • A friendly environment of mature people
  • PvE raids at a good steady pace
  • World PvP & battlegrounds ad-hoc on non-raid days

Loot System:
We will run with EPGP. This system seems to be the most transparant and fair to all raiders. All rules will be clear upfront, this way we will try to avoid that loot is a topic to talk about.

What do we expect from you:
We are here to have fun, help each other out and reach goals together. Once we go into raids we expect that you are ready and prepared. Players who show up frequently to raids and always come prepared with consumables will be given priority for raid slots.

Raid Schedule:
Thursday: 19.00 - 22.00 CEST
Sunday: 19.00 - 22.00 CEST


  • Warlock, Warriors, Paladins, Rogues
  • Also Socials / Non-raiders / PvP

If you are interested, whisper Darkreaver in-game or find us at:
Discord: discord.gg/2Ktq6CU

Great guild, good people, still room for some in the raid :slight_smile: dps and healers :gun::gun:

We got some great new members so fill our core. But we still need more healers+dps!

:wave::wave: We could use some dps and a holy paladin for our weekly clear, come come! :grinning: be part of the groupe before BWL is released

Elider the gnome mage!:love_you_gesture:

Still looking for one nice warlock :love_you_gesture:

Why the rush? It’s time to KEWLDOWN :love_you_gesture:.
We’re here for the longterm. Join a relaxed guild with potentional for lasting memories and friendships. You can expect a grownup enviroment with a helpful leadership.
:gift: Loot=EPGP
Raid thursday + Sunday :clock730: start 19:30 - End 22:30 :clock1030:

    • 1x Warrior Tank
    • 1x Warrior DPS
    • 3x Warlock
    • 1x Mage
    • 1x Paladin Healer