(Alliance)Looking for evening/night mythic progression guild for next tier


I’m looking for a evening/night guild since i don’t get off work before 20:30 Ingame time.
This tier i’ve mainly played as a mistweaver monk, but I would be open to reroll another dps class if need be: Druid, Warlock and DH is currently my max lvl characters.
I personally havn’t raided anything serious since NH mythic where we came in short of cutting edge and only ended the tier with 9/10 Mythic.
I havn’t been interested in raiding before this tier since i felt my dedication wasnt there, but now i feel like i’m ready to apply myself.

If there’s anything i left out or you have any questions feel free to message me:

Discord name: Boytoy#6803
Ingame: Boytoy#21372