[Alliance] Looking to hear from people who transferred

So currently it looks like the we can transfer to:

  • Bloodfang
  • Dragonfang
  • Earthshaker
  • Judgement

So I’m interested in hearing from from people who have already transferred to one of the above mentioned servers and are happy or unhappy with their transfer? and why?

Mainly interested in hearing if one of the above realms are playable (as in, not having to corpse crawl 1 hour for BRD and being able to actually quest outdoors)

But also interested in the servers general population, are people friendly? lots of PuGs going on?


Come to the discord, there was a guild who transferred over from Gandling a few days back, they can give you their opinions https://discord.gg/R5EyhZY

Dällo, it says the link is expired :confused:

Whoops, edited

Tried to move a low lvl alt yesterday and it seems the transfer is only for horde…

And we even had almost 90% of the guild ready to move :frowning:

Did you atleast pick a pve or RP server?
Or are you gonna start cry on the new server aswell?

Are you a horde griefer hiding behind a retail alliance character?

Cause u sure dont seem to realise how unplayable the game is for alliance right now…

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