Alliance <Primordial> recruiting

is an Alliance guild for those of us of advanced years with an aim to eventually take part in casual raiding and group pvp.

We will create a home for players age 25+ drama free, no zooming with mid week raids(Monday - Thursday) so we have weekends free for family.

update -

Guild growing nicely.

Could do with some mages, rogues and Locks to balance the books a bit, but still happy to accept all classes!

First guild event scheduled for Thursday evening!

Hope to have many guild events and groups for both PvE and PvP while levelling and beyond!

Register interest here https:// or send me a message in game for more information.

Really nice close knit community vibe here. The server is great too!

Yeah, we have an awesome bunch of people and a fantastic guild atmosphere !

The guild events have been great fun too! Looking forward to the 3rd event this week!

Fine tuning some bits in the guild now and will soon be a bit more targeted for recruitment to fill any gaps we may have in roles/ classes but currently still fully open to recruitment while the Fresh population boom is still growing.

If anyone is considering the Server then do it, it’s such a nice break from /4 filled with adverts for boosts etc and actually doing dungeons in a level appropriate group !!

If you think Primordial is a good fit for you then have a quick chat with any online guildy for an honest assessment and if it’s something you like the sound of then an invite can be arranged.

Hey, your discord link doesn’t work, but would you be interested in a hunter? I know it’s not listed currently.

Hey, Hunters are very popular! but we invite the player so would welcome any class currently.

Just give someone a shout in game for a chat and they can arrange an invite.

See new discord link here https:// (delete the 2 spaces before discord)

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