[ALLIANCE] Reincarnated guild

A group of online friends formed on 28/12/2018 .

Currently the most active alliance guild of these connected realms.

Aiming to create a friendly environment of people that wanna do raids, hit PVP, hunt achievements or just have some good old banter!

On the current roster we are in need of HEALERS and any DPS apart from mages. Don’t hesitate to show interest even if you do not meet these roles, we will take into account every application!
Monday and Thursday at 21:00 -> 00:00 Server Time.

  • Discord : discord.gg/CDb5Bm6

  • BattleNet : JohnD#2492

  • in-game : /w Mavromallou-twilight’shammer - /w Yola-twilight’shammer

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