[Alliance] <Reincarnated> LF any active players left

A group of online friends formed on 28/12/2018.

Aiming to create a friendly environment of people that wanna do raids, hit PVP, or just have some good old banter!

Raiding when under sufficient attendance every Monday from 20:00 to 23:00 Server Time.

Currently the most active guild on the alliance side of these connected realms.

If you are stuck in a dead guild and tired of being the only one online feel free to contact us with any of the means below and let’s all of us that still remain on the server group together.

Our discord: discord.gg/CDb5Bm6

in-game /w Diavoloula-twilight’shammer - /w Gemma-twilight’shammer -

BattleNet: JohnD#2492

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