Alliance side feels -so- dead!?

Hi everyone.

I got back into WoW in July, have loved Classic WoW since and am having a total blast with one exception; the server / faction I am on seems so empty and dead.

I’ve leveled a character to 60 and have rerolled another (I had two on retail and wanted to play them again) and not only does the Alliance side seem painfully outnumbered but also significantly scarce.

I’m persistently ganked. I rolled on a PvP server because when I played retail (TBC - Cata) I rolled on a PvP server and have very fond memories of doing a quest, being attacked by a member of the opposite fraction and having a little scuffle - occasionally someone else would join in (your side or theirs) and yeah, it was fun.

However on this server it is a 24/7 nonstop gankfest. I either run into groups of Horde and get decimated or some absolute lad of a level 60 will come up to me and gank me a few times to prove their superiority over me, this isn’t a survival bias - it’s almost a shock to me when I come across another Alliance player out leveling.

All this I can accept as partially my fault, I picked a PvP server, PvP is what I get. However the one thing I didn’t anticipate (and don’t feel is okay to ‘accept’) is the miniscule population of my fraction, maybe some might say “you should have checked the server pop” and I’d agree, I should have. But I didn’t. When I got back into WoW my thoughts were “oh boy I’m looking forward to playing WoW again” not “I wonder what the server population percentages are”.

Finding groups for anything is a nightmare. I have been looking for a group for Scarlet Monastery for 3 days straight and have yet to find a group for it, people are either being boosted or sells boosts.

Am I wrong? I play some mornings and most evenings, so it’s not like I’m complaining that there aren’t many people about at 3am - if it is pretty dead (and checking /who somewhat confirms this) why can’t they merge the servers? I remember leveling a character on WoW on retail (pre-dungeon finder) and never had this much trouble getting groups for dungeons/group quests / general server pop.

This is the sort of population I’d expect of a private server, not a legitimate World of Warcraft server.

Sadly Blizzards only solution to this is a server transfer (costing £19 PER character no less).

Yeah, it’s the same on every PvP server. Alliance are generally more PvE oriented so they don’t fight back as much.
Over time, only the most hardcore survive which results in closed groups where new characters are almost always exclusively leveld via in-group boosting, which in turn results in dead LFG low level dungeon grouping.
Only solution seems to be to play on a PvE realm as alliance, or to mostly suffer alone on the way to 60.

Yeah, I ended up cancelling my subscription. I wouldn’t mind paying for a transfer, moving and continuing but £19 it’s extortionate. Thanks for your time and insights.

Travel well!

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