Alliance unite

Guys, we need to plan about PHASE 2

we know we are outnumbered from horde
we know its gonna be a bloodbath
we know its gonna be hard
we know its gonna be war.

what i suggest is to group up EVERY single time you go around contested AREASand teamwork

another thing, please join raid pvp groups.

if WE want to fight em we must prepare and be ready.

be free to whisp me in game /w onehandfra


You will die.

/target Onehandfra

The plan is to form an orderly queue for the thorough spanking you shall be receiving.

lol damn you, i was afk :smiley:
BTW Yesterday night you all horde sucked in BRM :smiley:

poor lock , i feel sorry for all alliance in our server but we need honors … hope blizzard start thinking about releasing BG’s already to stop this mess.

That’s how i do it when you unite.


please keep going as groups, its much more honor for us :slight_smile:

You say that but I’ve been charging round WS with a few Guildies and been slaughtering hundreds of Horde without dying :joy:

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