Alliance what's your win rating in AB?

I seriously have not won a match of AB in several days.
The match always plays out the same way. Majority of the team goes to BS. Everyone scatter around all over the place. Shamans, warriors and rogues run down all the casters and the one or two healers we have (if we are lucky) and we all quickly evaporate.

GM gets captured and we hold it for a few minutes. Someone in team chat writes “GG” and then 2-3 others start flaming. 3-4 people repeatedly try to assault LM despite us having GM meaning taking LM is meaningless. The rest trickle into BS one by one and die over and over.

After 5 minutes of this majority of the team goes afk at ST or GM. And we quickly lose.

Anyone else have a different experience than this on alliance side?

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on horde side, i have to say i win more than lose

if the horde lose a ab match, it´s most likely because the enemy team are playing with mates/ shadow priest´s

the communication on horde is better
and close to everyone knows the strat


Farm, Lambermell bs are just the best bases, because u can go on switcher posi so easily

yeah, i always act like, WHY do they deffend st or gm, just let take us the last bases, so the nightmare is faster over

it´s also boring for the horde side, u play for like 5 minutes and then u stay afk until its over

I would say it was 75% win ratio for me in the AB until all these shaman buffs.
Now my win rate is like 15% as every AB has 4-6 shamans that just delete everyone.
Gonna stay out of it and just buy rep for coins until they fix shamans

So it’s not just me who’s crazy then. good to know.

I wonder why alliance is so pathetic in pvp…

Horde had better pvp racials and now they also have better pvp classes (shaman>paladin basically)

Don’t expect it to get any better, WoW is a horde game.

Doesn’t help that alliance literally never has any healers.

An easy solution to this problem you’re experiencing is how they handled in retail.

Give Horde Blood Elf and Vulpera, and watch the people that flock to these races because UwU or “oh so pretty” crap up the Horde playerbase like they do with Alliance.

Protip, count the amount of Night Elf Females and Human Females you count in your group, the more you have, the higher chance you’re going to lose. Absolute worst players to team up with in any content whatsoever.

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LMFAO. The sad part is it’s probably the truth

Maybe because most of them getting played by gamergirls

We have shamans whom are powerhouse on one side nuking people 100 to zero in 2-3CD, Dual rockbitters whom is one of the tankiest and strongest 1v1 class in game on 1 side and paladins slowly moving to melle range on other side.
AB BG is such a pain as ally as usually you get 3-5 shams and palas in every game. More paladins you have bigger the chance for loose is. Palas are not bringing anything good to the team, while shamans have it all purge/WF/grounding/nuke/survivability and also decoy now :smiley:
Until blizzard will do something with runes which have potential to save paladins in PVP. avenger shield CD - lower it to 10 sec, let it proc from art of war of from something else, Buff absorb of silly sacred shield by 200%or somehow rework, buff divine storm DMG and healing it alliance will get destroyed in group combat.

Hahah that’s an interesting take

To be honest, both in classic and retail I always lose to alliance lol.

The best way to predict if you are going to win or lose is to count the number of priests in each team.
It has been a very accurate metric for me so far and more often than not horde outpriests us.

I spammed AB all day yesterday without a single win, on horde ofc.

We don’t waste our time in Battlegrounds, simple as that. There’s 0 incentive to do battlegrounds. I don’t even know why you guys are tagging, you like to suffer for 0 reward ?

Just go STV and next time farm your WSG rep earlier xD.

How about fun?

Fun ? In a solved game where the game editor force you to play how THEY want you to play (no GDKP, …), I don’t have any fun atm.

No ty I’ll pass.

Love seeing u complaining now chicken I remember your gloating about your 4 level 25s parked in phase one to gank hahahah

healer paladins are good in WSG where people dont have to run around a large map, they dispell and heal while standing still

in AB healer paladins cry as their team runs away out of range from heals and the little dworf female tries to catch up to make light heals from her hands but everyone has been chain lightning’ed

Never won single AB as Alliance. Sorry guys but Horde is that much better. :slight_smile: