Alliance/Horde ratio

So, I’m playing on Ragnaros - Horde.

When I’d do war mode, it’s literally 6-7 alliance player to 1 horde player currently.
Are there any plans to balance this out?

Currently, doing sparks or anything basically is almost impossible and feels horrible.

warmode itself is the issue

before warmode, people were forced to fight the odds, and the odds were like 7to3 maybe, now? the 3 all disable warmode, and then u find 7 alliance :slight_smile:

I play Alliance on Doomhammer, exact same issue, 10 horde members for every Alliance member. I dont even go for the airdrops anymore. Really wish something could be done about that, but tbh I myself have no idea what that something should be. Its a self fulfilling prophecy at this point.

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Sharding did that problem.