[A]Looking to build a <Cozy> home

Hiya, a quick TL;DR to begin with:

We are a couple playing as a tank-healer duo looking to find a full group to experience Shadowlands with.
Our aim however will be to start a small tight-knit group with which we will be able to casually progress through the raids. (We are not aiming for CE)

What we’re looking for:
We are looking for mature, laid back players, who would like to experience the game at their own pace. We want people who will become part of the community and help each other out. We aim to be a smaller guild, where everyone is involved and knows each other.

What we will offer:
Drama free environment, a guild discord, weekly/bi-weekly guild events (m+, raiding, old content, mog runs, adventures and in-game holiday events), and a lot more.

How we got here:
We weren’t able to find what we we’re looking for, so we decided to find like-minded people that can bring our vision of a small community to life. So logically we are very against mass-inviting and inviting people just for guild perks, we want people’s mains, unless you want to check out the guild atmosphere.

You can contact either of us here:
We hope to hear from you soon.
Kitten#22279 (Kitten-Balnazzar)
B0ssTato#2762 (Yogi-Balnazzar)

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