<ALRIGHT> [A] - Recruiting for chill raiding

Alright recently transferred to Ashbringer and is now recruiting a few more players to fill the last raidspots for the upcoming content!

The core is a perfect mix of both experienced players (from classic and expansions) and completely new players to the game, and everything in between.

As a casual guild we understand people has jobs, family and other activities and might not have way too much time to play the game. Therefore, we want the game time to be as efficient and fun as possible, and never demand consumables (more than Fire Res pots) on our raid.

To fit in this guild, you’re a laidback player who wants to enjoy the game and have a steady progress throughout the phases with fun people and a lot of laughs.

Current Progress:
MC 10/10
Ony 1/1

Raid days and times:
Thursdays 19:00 -22:00 ST
Sundays 19:00 - 22:00 ST

Loot distrubution:
Mainspec > Offspec
T1 Items: Veterans/Members > Initiates > Socials
Offset pieces, weapons, rare items: Veterans > Members > Initiates > Social
Some items have a specific order in how we roll for them, such as Onyxia head and Band of Accuria.

Contacts ingame / Discord:
Melasol / MelasolTheDrunkenStrawberry#2513

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