Alt gets stuck when I "ALT+TAB"

So, that’s the first time I’m having this issue but every time I switch between my windows and go back to wow, it counts my alt as “pressed” until I press it again. 1 becomes Alt+1, V becomes Alt+v, click becomes alt+click and so on.

Never happened to me before, does not happen to any other game or app I am currently using, no keyboard software here, just a basic mechanical keyboard. Tested that on another keyboard just in case but got the same issue.

Same issue when I turn all of my add-ons off, so I think it’s somewhere in the system or campatibility. Did anyone hear or have this issue? Any solutions?

Going by pure description of your issue, it sounds as if your alt is set to toggle somehow, where pressing it once makes it act like it’s being held. Sticky keys does that in Windows IIRC.

If you’re using windows 10, the settings for it can be found in windows settings (gear above the on/off button in the start menu) > ease of access > keyboard.
You can also open your ‘on-screen keyboard’ windows app, if your Alt is active regardless of wether you’re holding the key or pressed and released it once it should light up when active on the on-screen keyboard UI

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