Alt- kazzak - Apocalypse-DefiasBrotherhood

hey guys i dono what he say to you guys …
i was playing rbg with him - i tell him i can caryy and he inv me to grp after 5 ot 6 days he try to ignore me or liying to me he didnt inv to grp i ask him we have Rbg somtime he didnt asnwaer me somtime he liying to me we dont have Rbg tonithe - after 3 mins i see him in Q list BG - i thinking to my self why he do that to me … only one think i can choes he << jealous >> to me he can see my raiting goes up – one think abut me i cant talk good in mikrofon or dicord i just liesn to ppl he
The gunman looked at me stupidly and did not answer me immediately- i make fake 1900 achive just to show him u know for what :smiley: … and he sad with caps NICE!!! … and he didnt answer me anymore … i done with him
i play wow from 2005 if i im bad guy … uknow i do 15 or 10 yeasr doing bad to ppl ok tru ? im artisit
Photographer from the old days, if I think it’s beautiful, take good pictures of my texts
The bad guy doesn’t think well this my insta @shay_0n u know me look at dayt time all my photos old … Now
Who is right?

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