Alter time

Hey, this is a Mage question but i feel its best suited here

Im very new to pvp, could someone provide a list of classes that can dispell alter time?
I want to know which classes i can confidently rely on this spell working against, and which will HECK me up

Shaman and Priest can consistently purge it. Other Mages can of course steal it depending on their manabar. Hunters and DHs can RNG remove it, they have one shot at it during its duration. Warlocks too with the correct pet. Same with Blood Elves.

That’s it !

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Alternatively, if possible, you break line of sight with above said classes so they can’t purge it off of you, and then you can rely on it the same way as vs non-purgers :slight_smile:

Thank you both <3 much appreciated

Could you clarify the RNG part? Do you just mean that they may, or may not have it on cooldown?

For example, hunters have Tranq Shot, which will remove 1 magic and 1 enrage effect.

The magic buff it dispels is random. Sometimes it dispels the last buff applied (so a hunter would deffo try to purge your Alter or Combustion), sometimes it dispels any buff you have present.

All of this is the reason why you always want as much buffs as possible when Altering/Combusting.

They dispel one random from your buffs, so you want intellect/shields on

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