Alternate or Reset?

So i was thinking this for some time now and no idea if this is said before but i believe we are experiencing an alternate versions of first 6 expansions. Here is how

We all thought Draenor was an alternate timeline and we returned to our time back with Legion. But what actually happened is, when Gul’dan went through portal lore is resetted and started a new cycle. Expansion main themes are same but slightly different versions.

Legion = TBC
They switched order here but doesn’t matter. TBC and Legion are both all about İllidan, demons and invading one of the base of operations of the Legion. And we help withered people to take they city back. Also kill a power hungry guy that tries to summon a legion leader. And

war between factions. Waking a sleeping threat, killing the old God after raiding old Egyptian cities. There can be more my classic lore knowledge not complete :slight_smile:

SL = WotLK
İ guess no need to say much about this. Lich king kelthuzad Uther. Death magic. Titan facilities mournblade a betrayer ruler loken to thorim (Denathrius to others)… And it is pretty weird to me to general acceptance WotLK is the best expansion while SL is the worst :slight_smile:

And of course DF = Cata
At start dealing with elements then going after Deathwing’s experiments ( or his lab this time)…

Probably there is even more things we can find like that but for me this is a pretty clear pattern.

I have no information whatsoever about next expansion right now but I’m pretty sure it is gonna be some uncharted land we have never heard before. İt is gonna be about a race we either heard just few mentions of it or not at all. Even can be about pandas and Sha ysharj or another old God that corrupted a leader. Maybe it is already among us but we don’t know. We gonna see about it but I’m pretty sure it is gonna be very similar to MoP :slight_smile:

classic is just a hobby project for blizzard to fleece some neckbeards for their money they won’t invest anything beyond that into it there will never be a classic + there simply aren’t enough people intrested in it to justify the cost

Or maybe classic is different enough to warrant its own playerbase.

Retail has long since derailed from its tracks, not just in story but in gameplay too. I struggle to call retail an MMORPG. It’s more akin to an online adventure with co-op elements and some pvp tacked on. That being said, I feel that WLK classic is more similar to retail than it is to vanilla, and if they want to continue the classic project and keep it different from retail they’ve got an enormous challenge on their hands. It is more likely that they’ll take the safe approach and simply re-release slightly tweaked versions of the expansions and milk money from those who are interested.

I think u guys take this completely wrong. All i say is those expansions are similar Lorewise. I m not talking about gameplay or players anything like that.

I say lore writers giving us stories like an alternate version of old expansions. In mostly same order

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Just ignore Lutia, all she does is trash-talking people for no reason.

There’s also the bad Elf monarch cycle, comparison, Denathrius and Elisande:
Bad elf monarch allies with big bad guy- Denathrius/Elisande with Jailer/Gul’Dan

People start to wither because of the lack of their magic juice- Anima/Arcwine

Bad elf monarch exiles anyone who would defy his will - Exile from Suramar/Sinfall

A resistande is formed by an individual seeking to overthrow the bad elf monarch and restore their fallen people’s “honour” - Prince Renathal/Thallysra

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