Alternatives, Friday AotC guild


Friday night (20:30 - 22:30) HC guild LF a handful of DPS, our current progress is 9/9 HC

Longer version
Alternatives was formed for players who are unable to raid weekdays due to work or social commitments. We’re raiding Friday evening and optional M+ throughout the week this allows our members to concentrate on “real life” whilst also completing Azeroth based challenges!

Our raiding goals:

• To clear HC mode and get AOTC
• Provide a fun and relaxed raiding environment.

We’ve done it every single tier since 2012!

Whilst we have modest raiding goals, our preparation and attitude in achieving these goals is professional. We believe this is the true meaning of casual raiding; commitment, preparation and focus but with an understanding that “real life” is important too.

  • Our raid time is Friday; 20.30-23.30 ST. With optional Mythic+ on Wednesday evenings.
  • We ask for attendance in the 75% range
  • We are friendly, polite and mature and hope you are too!
  • Alternatives is an English speaking guild

Our current progress is 9/9 HC

We’re currently looking for a handful of DPS to complete our roster.

Apply via our discord: discord[dot]gg/VAuRS9d

Looking for ranged DPS to join us!

Looking for a Tank due to one leaving during our break over the festive period, we’re currently on 6/9 hc.

Also looking for DPS - preference for caster/ranged but all specs considered

Now 8/9HC.

Still looking for a tank and a handful of DPS

Tank spot has been filled, still looking for DPS (slight preference on Caster/Augvoker).

Aug spot filled.
Still looking for a handful of DPS, general preference for caster but also an enhancement + a DH would be welcome.

We met our goals and are 9/9 HC.

Back on the hunt for 1 x Tank (again… it’s not us I swear) and a handful of DPS.

Looking for 1x Tank and a handful of DPS.

Tank position has been filled!

Still plenty of spots open for dps classes!

Still looking for dps to fill our ranks! If interested, visit our discord or poke someone in game :slight_smile:

With season 4 around the corner we’re looking for mostly ranged dps to supplement our raiding roster!