<Alternatives> Silvermoon - Friday AotC Raiding Guild LFM

Alternatives was formed for players who are unable to raid weekdays due to work or social commitments. We’re raiding Friday evening and non-compulsory M+ throughout the week - this allows our members to concentrate on “real life” whilst also completing Azeroth based challenges!

Our raiding goals:

• To clear HC mode and get AOTC
• Provide a fun and relaxed raiding environment.

We’ve done it every single tier since 2012!

Whilst we have modest raiding goals, our preparation and attitude in achieving these goals is professional. We believe this is the true meaning of casual raiding; commitment, preparation and focus but with an understanding that “real life” is important too.

  • Our raid time is Friday; 20.30-23.30 ST. With optional Mythic+ on Wednesday evenings.

  • We ask for attendance in the 75% range

  • We are friendly, polite and mature and hope you are too!

  • Alternatives is an English speaking guild

Our current progress is 9/9 HC

We’re currently looking for DPS to complete our roster

Apply via our discord: discord[dot]gg/VAuRS9d

We’re still looking for DPS members to join our ranks. Now at 7/9HC.

Cleared 9/9 HC and met our goals - we’re still looking for DPS players for this tier and beyond.

Especially looking for rogues, but spots available for pretty much any dps class!

Mostly looking for ranged dps, but rogues, Demon hunters and monks may be considered :slight_smile:

Looking for more bodies/sacrifices to throw at bosses. Preferably the dps kind.

Seriously though, YOU still haven’t applied!

On the hunt for DPS, pref ranged, pop over to discord and apply.

\o/ Looking for a new guild for the upcoming patch?
Perfect! We’re looking for all sorts of dps!

Don’t worry folks you haven’t missed your chance! We’re still looking for DPS.

Come visit our discord!

Two ish weeks untill new raid!
Perfect time to join the best guild on Silvermoon :smiley:

Now also looking for a Tank, one of our Tanks has kindly given us 1 month notice of intend to quit the game so we need to fill the spot, preferably in time for the new raid!

We are no longer looking for a tank but are still on the hunt for people looking to inflict pain! Slight preference on ranged.

Mostly looking for ranged non-hunter dps. Especially Warlocks and Mages to flesh out our raid team. Currently Progressing through HC.

Come join the fun with Alternatives.

Still looking for ranged DPS for hc progress currently 5/9.

11% on Nymue so if you’re ranged and are good at standing in bad stuff we want you… (We’ve got around 34 hunters so pretty much anything else would be great!)


Any chance to consider a healer?
My main is a resto druid named Erydel in Stormscale.



Hi! Unfortunately we have a full healer team so we cannot offer any full time healer positions.

Looking for ranged non hunter dps mostly!

A christmas poem;

I asked Greatfather Winter for some ranged DPS, but of yet he didn’t come through.
There are still a few days left of the Feast of Winter Veil, so hopefully my wish can come true.

What type of ranged do you guys need :slight_smile: ?

Any DPS really but with a preference for ranged, no class in particular.

Also looking for a Tank due to one leaving during our break over the festive period, we’re currently on 6/9 hc.