★ <Alternatives> The Weekend Raiding Guild ★

(Finsternis) #1
Hi Silvermoon,

<Alternatives> is recruiting players for our weekend raids .

A few things about us:

The idea of the guild is to facilitate organised raids to players who can't or don't want to make raid times during the week due to real life commitments.

We aim to be a casual guild. In our case this means that we are happy with clearing a raid instance on normal mode in a fun and relaxed way, rather then beating our heads against heroic bosses. For us being casual does NOT mean we don't care about our progression or attendance, but that we have more important things happening in our lifes.

It is our intension to bring back the guild feeling that you could experience during Karazahn in The Burning Crusade or in normal mode guilds during Wrath of the Lich King.

Good company is important to us and we consider guild members our friends. This also means we try to minimise the number of players that have to sit out at the raid weekend. We do not believe in over-recruiting players for personal gain / progression.

Our raid times:

Fridays : 20:00 to 23:30
Saturdays : 20:00 to 23:30

Loot System:

Main raid : personal
Alt run : personal

A few things you should bring:

You should be over 21 years of age
You should be friendly, polite, mature and reliable
You should be OK with being "a Casual"
You should be able to communicate in English

Current vacancies

  • none

  • Moonkin, Warlock, Elemental Shaman (2-3)
  • Demon Hunter, Rogue, Enhancement Shaman, DK, Paladin (1)

  • none

Raiding applicants should be item level 350+ and a main character !


Battle for Azeroth Raiding

5/8 Uldir (heroic)
8/8 Uldir (normal)

Legion Raiding (ahead of the curve)

11/11Antorus, The Burning Throne (heroic)
9/9 Tomb of Sargeras (heroic)
10/10 Nighthold (heroic)
3/3 Trial of Valor (heroic)
7/7 The Emerald Nightmare (heroic)

Social members are of course always welcome. You should however posses the same qualities as mentioned above. If you are interested feel free to contact any officer, use the in-game guild recruitment tool or apply on our website.

For additional information please

  • visit us : https://alternatives-guild.com
  • follow us @Alternatives_EU

We are looking forward to see the one or other of you in our guild list soon!

Thanks for reading this and rock on good people!



Good morning,

Alternatives, the weekend social raiding guild is still ooking for dps to fill our roster. We probably can accomodate 2-3 more and would consider most classes.

If you are interested then please visit our website (as stated above) for more information and to apply.

Kind regards, Stanard (Healing Officer).

(Stanard) #3

Good morning,

Alternatives the weekend social raiding guild is still recruiting DPS. Although we have now filled a few spaces more applicants are welcome.

Particularly looking for warlocks and rogues, although any dps class would be welcome.

If you are interested then please visit our website above, for more information and to apply.

Kind regards, Stanard (Healer Officer).

(Stanard) #4

Good morning,

Alternatives are now only looking for RANGED dps. We only have a hand full of spots left so if you want to raid in a weekend, social raiding guild i would recommend for you to apply.

We are an adult guild with a wide range of mature raiders from a varied background. You would never be benched as we never overpopulate our roster. If we cannot accommodate your main raiding spec, we would not accept your application.

Socials are also welcome to apply. Please visit the above website for more information as set by our guild master (Finsternis).

Kind regards, Stanard (Healer Officer).


Good afternoon,

Alternatives, the social raiding guild on Silvermoon, are still looking for 1 or 2 dps for our raiding team.

We raid mainly heroics and look to achieve “Ahead of the curve” as well as other achievements.

We have a core team of adult players and never leave anyone benched.

If you would like to find out more information or indeed apply, please see our guild website noted above for more details.

Kind regards, Stanard (Healer Officer)