Am I getting this right?

That’s all on you for making that connection. They would have done those sales regardless like they’ve done every year. It’s a sale and there’s literally nothing more to it.

The timing? You mean putting the game on sale right before making a ton of QoL changes, that will help new/returning players in SL? How strange…


What kind of shady company would want to attract more people back to their game. It’s outrageous!

Good thing the OP doesn’t run a company.


Man… quality markets and sells itself.
If you’re spending more on advertising your product, than you spend on ensuring it’s quality, I just don’t know what to say… Ignorance is bliss, isn’t it?

the game is getting fixed in 9.1.5

Then quit the game and save us all this nonsense. You’re telling them to fix the game, while in the same thread, craptalking them for fixing the game, because

Quit and go play something else, and you’ll be happy.

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I swear gaming corporate greed has done more to turn gamers into socialists than all socialist activism over the past 50 years. Gamers now en masse hate the blind pursuit of profit, which is basically what capitalism is all about. They hate how the curtain has been lifted and how they have been commodified by gaming corporations. They’re not gamers, but payers. They are profit generators, and not really human.

The pursuit of profit above all is called “medium maximization” and it is also called The American Dream, also known as the Prosperity Gospel. Money on its own is not a goal, it is a means to achieve a goal. The goal can be corporate growth, increasing the salaries of people, paying them closer to what their labor is actually worth.

But instead corporations and people focus on pursuing the medium to a goal, rather than the goal itself. WE NEED MORE MONEY!.. but why is the question. What are you gonna do with it?

It’s good when Bobby buys a yacht, because buying expensive stuff is the only time the wealth of the rich is taxed.

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Sale is awesome!

Welp as someone who did quit/took a long break at the start of SL and only came back because the 9.1.5 changes look decent enough to give it another go, these sails and promotional 6 month mounts do not interest me in the least.

Imo opinion Blizzard should go the other way around and actually start doing those free 3-7 day promotion where players that have quit could go into the game check out the new stuff (and by stuff i mena fixes and QoL impovements). I think this should be done everytime a .5 patch hits.

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Now you’re really pulling at straws. The only place I have seen the advertisement is on the launcher and they’re even using an old image on the advertisement so it’s not exactly a massive investment. This would suggest they are not spending more on advertising than on quality assurance.

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Let’s not make rush conclusions here. They have to do a lot more of patches like 9.1.5 one in order for players to believe that there is a positive change and not a stalemate.

Cash shop is there for optional purposes. Some people love this game and are attached to it and have no problems to buy stuff from shop. That should bother you the least as well as how much Blizzard earns.

If you want to say something that matters, say how you would improve the game and in which way it improves it.

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2 words: gnome paladins

That’s bait.


Fixing customizations is not fixing the game, ( allied races being just another way to look )
It is quite clear that all players have their own favorite expantions and the “fix” would be to bring them all up to the top, timewalking is apparently not enough.
Visiting SL should be out of curiosity and not mandatory.

It’s about the forum trust levels. The easiest way to go around this instead of manually typing in [dot] which makes it an utter pain to copy, you can put a link inbetween a pair of `.

like this


Fixing the game sadly doesn’t fix die MAU numbers in time for the Q3 earnings call.

I very much hope so!

What Activision deserves is to crash- and burn. This kind of business-strategy is disgusting, to say the least.

I’m not getting paid to design the game, quite the opposite: I used pay Bobby to be able to buy a new Yacht every now and then…

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