Am i supposed to do all these quests?

So i decided to buy dragonflight and it came with a level 70 boost.
I have no experience playing retail at max level, So i’m wondering am i supposed to do all these quests in my map ? Are they required for me to get gear/upgrades and end game activities?

This is really overwhelming and the zones are huge, And even with dragon riding i’m finding myself really struggling to know what i’m supposed to do…

Well, welcome to Retail, I guess :smiley:

Yeah, Level 70 does suddenly open up a HUGE amount of Stuff To Do, even if you worled your way up. For a boostee, I imagine it’s overwhelming.

Use A LOT in your first month! :rofl:

I imagine Blizzard have marked the levelling campaign as done as part of the boost, but since I don’t know your Retail character, I can’t look it up.

You should be seeing World Quests on your map, in circles around the Isles. If you hover over one, it will show the quest and the reward. You can do these any time. They change twice a week, on Wed morning and Sat afternoon. You might see some small gear upgrades, and there will be OK gold rewards.

First thing. If the boost didn’t give you the full Dragonriding talent tree, get your Dragonriding glyphs FIRST. You can see your Dragonrising talents by clicking the Dragon circle on your minimap. Making your way around without the full talent tree is painful.

Next, it is critical to realise that the 10.2 patch comes Wednesday. This will obsolete a whole lot of previous content, at least as far as gearing goes.

You SHOULD, I think, be able to score most of a set of 402 gear on Tuesday if you have a couple of hours.

  1. Fly to the Ruby Life Pools flight point
  2. Just opposite the Flight Master, you will see Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem and a couple of pals, who will give you a quest to collect 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence and complete a Dreamsurge.
  3. A Dreamsurge happens every 30 minutes. An orange circle appears towards the south of the Waking Shores. You kill all the mobs, then a big mob comes and you kill that. There will be a crowd doing it, so just get your hits in. That should give you 40-50 of the Dreamsurge Coalescence. You can get 10 Dreamsurge Coalescence for doing each World Quest in the zone, and by flying throughthe glowing green orbs you see around the zone.
  4. You can keep doing Dreamsurges and collecting orbs and killing mobs to get more Dreamsurge Coalescence. You can buy one piece of gear for 100 Dreamsurge Coalescence at Celestine beside Gamuul.

It’s a but rushed, but you have only one day before the patch!


But I’m not sure if you get the 10.2 quest on Wednesday if you haven’t done the earlier questchain Campaigns.

So let me show you the quest Campaigns that bring you up to date.

The first is the Forbidden Reach. This starts from behind Alexstrasze at the top of the Seat of the Aspects.

The next is Zaralek Caverns,

When you have completed those, you are up to the Dreamsurges that I mentioned at the start.

But the question is whether you get the quest to start the new patch on Wesnesday. If you don’t, I’m pretty sure it will be because you haven’t completed these quest chains.

I’m sorry I don’t know exactly whete the boost leaves you in the chain.

If you have more questions, PLEASE post again, and either on your new character or give us the name and realm so we can look it up.

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I just did some googling and found that boostees now get 424 gear! That’s Normal Raid level. :exploding_head:

OK, so you won’t need the 402s from Dreamsurges.

The question will be whether you get the new patch quest on Wednesday ot whether you have to go back over the questchains I linked.

Once clear of that, the new patch quest will provide you with an agenda for World content.

You can also do

  • Battlegrounds
  • Arenas
  • Mythic-Plus dungeons (increasingly hard dungeons on a timer)
  • Raids

Post again explaining which paths you would like to follow. :slight_smile:

In case this helps in addition to Grainne’s detailed post:-

Hi sorry for the late response yeah my ilvl is 422 which is much better than the quest rewards on the map
The current campaign in my quest log is “Emerald Dream” and i’m currently on 0/1 chapters

this is what my quest log shows

I also keep getting bothered by random NPCs (such as a whelp and something else i dont know) that keep following me until i accept their quests.

On a side note im unable to log on my character on the forum but its name is kellarw (maybe its too new) even after relogging and changing my password.

OK that’s good. So they give you a very good level 70 for your boost, with great gear and all campaigns open. Unusual for Blizzard boosts!

Emerald Dream is the new questchain that starts tomorrow.

So you don’t HAVE to do anything - just start the new Emerald Dream quest when you get it tomorrow and carry on from there.

You CAN do any or all of the quests from previous campaigns characters are trying to shove on you if you want, for story, or cosmetics like mounts and pets and toys, or whatever.

And you should be ready to start PvE or PvP instances as well, if that’s your jam.

I’d say just explore around for today, get the feeling of the zones, and start into the Emerald Dream content tomorrow. :smiley:

I’m abit confused how does it start tomorrow but i already have it in my log?

That is a good question!

I don’t have it in my quest log yet.

Normally, according to Wowhead, you must have finished the 10.0 l;evelling Campaign, the 10.0.7 Forbidden Reach Campaign, the 10.1 Embers of Netharion, and the Dreamsurge questline on at least one character to start the Emerald Dream.

(Linear questlines are OUT OF CONTROL!)

This is what I was expecting you would have to do. And it’s a lot.

My guess - and it is only a guess - is that Blizzard looked at all that and thought that a returning player who used a boost would look at all that and say “Hell, no!” And so they used some internal magic to mark the Emerald Dream patch open for you even though you haven’t worked your way toit.

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